Walmart tracking

Walmart tracking


Walmart aims to build a better world for everyone. The company achieves this by helping people live better and renew the planet while making a community that brings people together.

Walmart package tracking

What is Walmart?

Walmart is an American multinational corporation that runs a chain of discount department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores across the globe. The corporation was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and became a public company in 1970 after considerable success over the previous eight years. Walmart also owns and operates a multitude of other services, including local express stores in China, grocery delivery, eCommerce, and Sam's Club retail warehouses.

Today, Walmart is still one of the largest global retail stores, operating around 11,884 stores in 27 different countries. Walmart has also recorded some of the world's largest one-year revenue and is one of the biggest private employers, boasting a total of around 2.2 million employees. It is still a family-owned business controlled by the Walton family.

Its many international stores, however, operate under some 56 different names. In the United States and Canada, the corporation operates under the name Walmart while in Mexico and Central America, the company operates as Walmart de México y Centroamérica. Walmart operates as Asda in the United Kingdom, Seiyu Group in Japan, and Best Price in India.

It also has business in Chile, Canada, Argentina, and South Africa, among other smaller operations in other countries.

Walmart's latest endeavour is to break into the online market, in which it is investing billions of dollars to rival the likes of hugely successful marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Where is Walmart located?

It is headquartered in Bentonville Arkansas. However, Walmart has tens of thousands of shops, warehouses, storage points, processing centres, offices, and more worldwide, as part of its huge global operational network. Therefore, when ordering products through Walmart your product may not only be sourced at one of the thousands of locations but will be prepared, packaged, processed, and sent via any number of these service centres as part of the delivery process.

Although the company's many processing centres and warehouses do help Walmart quickly dispatch and move Walmart packages and parcels, it still relies on third-party logistics from courier companies. For instance, in the US, Walmart package delivery services use UPS, FedEx and even the USPS to help with deliveries.

Since Walmart uses several different couriers, their usage can vary from time to time depending on availability, the size and weight of the Walmart package needing to be delivered, and so on. Therefore, if you want to track a Walmart package it is best to use a multiple courier tracking website, like Ship24.

Ship24 doesn't need any personal information or for you to register to begin tracking a Walmart parcel, simply enter the Walmart tracking number into the search bar on the homepage and we'll scan the internet to find out who is handling your parcel, where it is and its current status.

The good news is that Ship24 covers thousands of online marketplaces, eCommerce sites, and couriers meaning that the best place to ensure you have Walmart tracking is on the Ship24 website. Remember, all registered Walmart packages sent with third-party logistics companies are trackable using Ship24.

Once you get your Walmart tracking code, enter it into the Ship24 search bar on the website and get package tracking information instantly. Millions of people are switching to using Ship24 for their tracking because of the peace of mind it gives them.

How does the Walmart delivery service work?

When an order is placed with Walmart, the company then prepares and packages the product and organizers delivery. At this point, a unique Walmart tracking code will be attached to the parcel so Walmart, and the couriers that handle the package, will be able to identify the package as yours. Then, delivery is done via postal service or courier.

Because Walmart uses both in-house and third-party couriers to deliver items, there can be a mix-up when it comes to where to do your tracking. This led to the creation of Ship24, the all-encompassing tracking solution that means you can track all of your parcels in one place, whether you have ordered from Walmart or Amazon, and no matter who is delivering your parcel!

All you need is the tracking code provided at the point of purchase, which will allow you to track a Walmart parcel from dispatch to delivery. Ship24 will also give you other tracking information on a Walmart order, including who it is being carried by, its location, and the current status of the Walmart package.

Buyers can find their Walmart tracking number either on the Walmart website or in the contents of their order confirmation email, which they should receive after purchase.

How do I track my Walmart order?

Tracking your Walmart comes in three ways: the website, the mobile app, and Ship24. The following are the steps into tracking through those ways.

Tracking on the Website

  1. Head over to and sign in to your account.
  2. Select "Account"
  3. Select "Purchase History"
  4. Scroll to the order that you want to track and then click "Track Shipment".

Tracking using Mobile

  1. Open the Walmart app.
  2. Select "Account"
  3. Select "Purchase History"
  4. Scroll to the order that you want to track and then click "Track Shipment".

Tracking with Ship24

Tracking with Ship24 is the most convenient way as all you need to do is copy the tracking number and you will get results almost instantly. Although buyers shouldn't confuse the order number with the tracking number. If the order number is the one that's been entered on the website, Ship24 will not show any results. You can contact the seller for the tracking number, check the mobile app, or check the website for the tracking number.

Does Walmart do international shipping?

Customers who want to purchase from US Walmart stores should note that Walmart does not ship currently ship outside of the US.

However, you can book Walmart products with a package forwarding company that will ship your package to your final address. These companies have warehouses located in the USA and you can use their address (for a fee) for the delivery of your Walmart product. Once the forwarding company receives it, your Walmart package will then be sent to the final overseas destination. Planet Express is an example of a package forwarding company.

The process is really easy and typical involves the three following steps:

  • Get the warehouse address of the package forwarding company: The first step is to get a free US address where you can receive parcels from Walmart US.
  • Notification Email: Once your Walmart package has been received by the package forwarding company, you will receive a notification email. (There also may be an update to the tracking number).
  • Select Shipping Method: The next step is to select a shipping method from the US to nearly any country including Germany, the UK, India, Australia, Russia, Japan, and many more. This process is easy and cheap and a good way to access Walmart products from overseas.

If you do follow the above process, then it is best to conduct your tracking with a universal parcel tracking website, in light of the fact that multiple carriers will be responsible for forwarding your parcel. Ship24 scans thousands of these types of logistics companies automatically, meaning it can find your Walmart package tracking information regardless of how many times it is handed over. Ship24 package tracking has global coverage capability, meaning whether you Ship to Russia and the Russian Post handles the final delivery or France, and La Poste is responsible for final delivery, you'll be able to continue tracking a Walmart parcel wherever it is destined for.

How long do Walmart orders take to process?

Once the order is sent electronically, the average store takes around 2 to 4 hours to process it.

Then, Walmart will usually ship orders within two working days. For items whose Walmart delivery is not possible in two days, they will be shipped within 3 to 5 days. Orders above $35 are also shipped within 3 to 5 days.

If the purchased item is not in stock and not available for immediate shipping, the shipping time will start as soon as the item will be available again. This will be mentioned in the checkout process.

Does Walmart have free shipping?

The shipping fees depend on the type of shipping selected:

Value Shipping

If you choose the value shipping option, you will be eligible for free shipping if the total amount spent is greater than $50. These deliveries take 5 to 7 business days in general. If the order is less than $50, you will have to pay a $4.97 fee.

Standard Shipping

If you choose the standard method, you won't have to pay any fees if your order is greater than $35.

Two-day Shipping

If you choose the two-day shipping, this method will be free on orders of $35 or more on selected items.

Next-day Shipping

This method can be delivered for free on orders amounting to $35 or more for qualifying ZIP codes.

Does Walmart have Express shipping?

Yes, Walmart has an express delivery option. Customers will simply have to pay a $10 fee for the Walmart express delivery. This new service can see orders delivered to customers' doors in less than two hours.

How does Walmart Customer Service work?

You can contact Walmart customer service on their app for quick responses. If you have concerns related to product pricing contact the following number: 1-800-925-6278.

If you are outside of the US, there will be localised customer service teams depending on your country, which can be found via google. Alternatively, you can contact Walmart via its website directly.

Walmart also has a live chat option where you can chat with customer service agents regarding the concern, issues, or feedback that you have.

How does Walmart pick up work?

Yes. Once you place your order with Walmart via or Walmart App, fill up your cart with the products you need: food, pet supplies, diapers, etc, and then select a Walmart pickup time that suits you.
Usually, if you place an order before 3 pm, you can get same-day pickup.

Is Walmart involved in eCommerce?

Walmart has considerably extended its online commerce acquisitions and plans in light of the changing retail landscape, with company purchases in India and the US hoping to not only extend its reach but rival other major eCommerce centres in North America and Asia.

Walmart announced its biggest move yet, acquiring a controlling stake in the Indian e-commerce website Flipkart for $16 billion. Completion of the deal was formally announced in 2018.

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