UPS tracking

UPS tracking


UPS tracking is a key service provided by UPS that ensures you never lose sight of your packages. This article will explore how to obtain UPS detailed tracking and focus on the services provided by UPS, one of the giants in global logistics.

UPS tracking allows customers to follow their parcels every step of the way, from the moment they leave the warehouse to the moment they arrive at the doorstep. With UPS package tracking, uncertainty about the whereabouts of your packages is a thing of the past. It brings transparency to package delivery, providing detailed updates on your package's journey.

UPS package tracking

UPS Package Tracking

When you choose to ship with UPS, you will receive a unique tracking number concerning your package. Whether you brought shipping services with them directly or you purchased an item and the seller will be sending your item with UPS, you should always receive a UPS tracking number. If you did not receive it via an email or from the sender, make sure to follow up to make sure you receive your tracking code, to track your UPS package globally.

Tracking numbers for UPS packages posted within the United States tend to be in the format of an eighteen-digit collection of letters and numbers. Sometimes, UPS tracking numbers start with 1Z and end in numerical digits.

Some examples of UPS tracking numbers are shown below:

  • 1Z 999 AA1 01 9371 6784
  • 1Z 2A2 9X6 03 9387 8515
  • 1Z 050 858 20 0686 0581

How To Get UPS Tracking For Your Packages

When you ship with UPS, they offer an efficient and transparent tracking process to keep you updated about your package's progress. Here's how you can track a UPS package using their online service.

Step 1: Find Your UPS Tracking Number

The first step in UPS online tracking is locating your UPS tracking number. This number is essential as it is unique to your package and helps in identifying its status and location. Usually, you can find it on your receipt or email confirmation if you shipped the package yourself. If you're the recipient, check your email for a confirmation from UPS or ask the sender to provide you with the number.

Step 2: Visit the UPS Tracking Web Page

Once you have your tracking number, navigate to the UPS Tracking web page. You can do this by typing "UPS Tracking" into your preferred search engine or directly visiting the UPS website and clicking on the 'Tracking' section.

Step 3: Enter Your Tracking Number

On the UPS Tracking page, you'll find a field labelled 'Tracking'. Enter your tracking number there. Remember, you can enter multiple tracking numbers if you're tracking more than one package, just separate each with a comma.

UPS tracking on website

Step 4: View Your Package Status

After entering your tracking number(s), click on the 'Track' button. This will generate information about your package's status, showing its current location, the shipping history, and the estimated delivery date. Keep in mind that tracking information may not be available immediately after shipping; sometimes it can take a few hours for details to update.

An Alternative: Ship24

Apart from UPS's official website, there's an alternative way to track your package - using third-party services like Ship24. Ship24 offers universal parcel tracking which means you can track packages from different couriers including UPS.

To use Ship24 for UPS package tracking, simply visit their website, enter your UPS tracking number in the tracking field, and hit 'Enter'. The service will then provide you with the latest update on your UPS package status.

UPS tracking on Ship24

Remember, staying informed about your package's journey is just as important as the delivery itself. With the convenience of online tracking services offered by UPS and platforms like Ship24, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly where your package is, and when it's due to arrive.

UPS Mobile App Tracking

The UPS Mobile App, available on both Android and iOS, integrates the full functionality of UPS's tracking system into an easy-to-use mobile platform. With this app, you can follow the progress of your shipments anytime and anywhere, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go. This ease of use and accessibility make the app a vital tool for those seeking real-time updates on their packages.

UPS International Package Tracking

UPS international tracking can be done in several ways. A third-party tracking website, such as Ship24, or the main UPS website are two options.

By entering the UPS tracking number on the website, you can begin tracking your international package. A list of UPS tracking details will be displayed to reveal the most recent status of your delivery after a few seconds.

UPS Ground Tracking

You can get your UPS Ground tracking by finding your UPS tracking number which can be found below the receipt. With this UPS Ground tracking number, you can go to the official website of UPS or use a third-party tracking site to get the latest tracking information anywhere you are 24/7.

Simply copy or type up to 10 UPS Ground tracking numbers on the chosen tracking site and get all the shipment information you need regarding your delivery. Entering your tracking number will give you all the latest tracking updates that you need for your UPS mail, package, and shipment delivery.

UPS SurePost Track Orders

UPS SurePost is a service provided by UPS that allows you to manage your shipments efficiently. If you're looking to track a SurePost order, it's straightforward to do so. Firstly, choose a tracking website like the UPS website or a third-party tracking service. Once there, you'll need to input your unique tracking number provided at the time of shipment.

Track UPS Mail Innovations

For those of you who frequently use UPS Mail Innovations, knowing how to track your packages effectively is a must. Begin by locating your unique Mail Innovations tracking number, typically found in your shipment confirmation email or on your shipping receipt. With this number in hand, you can visit the UPS website or Ship24 to access the tracking system.

Where can I find the UPS tracking number?

When sending or receiving a package, a UPS tracking number will be issued to you. The UPS tracking number can be found in the following places:

  1. At the bottom of the receipt.
  2. On the package's shipping label.
  3. On the email address or phone number that has been provided.

UPS Tracking Number on Receipt

The UPS tracking number can be found on the receipt given to you at the time of shipment. It is typically located near the bottom right of the receipt and labelled as "Tracking Number" or "Shipment Number." This number can be used to track the status of your package on the UPS website or by contacting UPS customer service.

Additionally, you can also check the email confirmation that you received from UPS after placing the order, this email also contains the tracking number.

UPS Tracking Notifications Meaning

Ship24 will give you the same tracking details you would receive if you were to track through the UPS system, meaning you won't miss out on any information by using our universal tracking system. Instead, the benefit of using the global tracking system with Ship24, is that should your parcel be subcontracted or passed on to be distributed by a local courier.

UPS Tracking Status Description
Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet. A shipping label is created but the package is not with UPS yet.
Package Received for Processing The package is being processed.
Package Processed The package has been processed.
Order Information Received The shipper has applied for a tracking number provided by a third-party courier/marketplace.
Arrived at Post Office The package has reached a local office.
Shipment tendered to UPS Mail Innovations The package has been dropped off at a local post office.
Departed from UPS Facility The package has left a local facility/warehouse.
Arrived at Facility The package has reached the facility/warehouse.
Processing at UPS Facility The package is being processed at a UPS facility.
Out For Delivery The package will be delivered to you today.
The receiver has moved. We're attempting to obtain a new delivery address for this receiver. The recipient has changed their address. UPS is trying to get the new address of the recipient.
Delivered The package has been received by the recipient.

If you are tracking your UPS package through the global Ship24 tracking tool, you may get tracking details such as the following, or similar. A short description will follow to help buyers and sellers further understand these standard tracking details or statuses.

UPS tracking notifications on Ship24

These are just some tracking details that you receive when you use Ship24's tracking system. If you receive any of the following but you believe there has been a mistake communicated, all queries should be directed to UPS as Ship24 does not have any control over parcel handling. UPS can be contacted online or by telephone.

UPS InfoNotice Number

UPS tracking number not updating

In some rare cases, a delay or an issue with UPS tracking can occur. A delay in tracking details with the UPS tracking number may sometimes be because UPS has not received the package yet or UPS has not yet scanned the package. Give it a few hours or a 24-hour timeframe before trying to track again.

Also, double-check the UPS tracking number for any missing letters or numbers. This could be a case of why there are no UPS tracking details being shown.

If there are still issues after a few days, there might be some complications with the delivery. If this is the case, it is best to consult with the UPS customer care team so that they can assist you with your package.

How can I track my UPS package if I lost the receipt?

There are many ways you can track your UPS package without your receipt. One way is to track your parcel using a UPS tracking number. If you have lost your receipt and don't know your tracking number, check out the email address you provided and look for UPS' email.

The email should give you information such as your tracking number, the recipient's address, and other pertinent information.

If you are the recipient, you can contact the sender and ask for the UPS tracking numbers.

UPS Delivery on Saturday and Sunday

Indeed, UPS recognizes the importance of timely package delivery for both you and businesses alike. Therefore, it extends its operation throughout the week, ensuring that your parcels reach their destination 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. The deliveries include both residential and commercial deliveries, fulfilling your needs.

Expanding its dedication to consistent service, UPS breaks the norm of delivery services by offering deliveries on Sundays as well. However, this service specifically targets residential deliveries. Hence, you can count on UPS to deliver your personal packages any day of the week.

How do I track my Amazon order if it is handled by UPS?

Amazon uses several different handlers to deliver products, one of which is UPS. In fact, Amazon Prime (which is a fast-track delivery option offering next-day delivery on featured products on the marketplace) almost solely uses UPS for its premium delivery service. The only time it doesn't use UPS is when there is an unusually high volume of deliveries and other couriers are used temporarily.

Should this be the case, you may not be able to track your parcel with UPS, even if you are using the Amazon tracking number given to you for your Amazon Prime order.

UPS Tracking Phone Number

For queries regarding UPS tracking, you can contact the UPS tracking phone number. You can contact them through the following hotlines:

  • 1-888-742-5877 (within the US)
  • 1-800-782-7892 (outside the US)

You can also contact the UPS customer care centre by simply creating an account or by logging into one if you already have one. You can also choose to continue as a guest.

About United Parcel Service (UPS)

The United Parcel Service (UPS) was initially founded in 1907 in Washington by two entrepreneurs with a reported investment of $100. Originally, deliveries were made on foot or bicycles and only covered central Seattle and the surrounding areas. In 2019, the company posted a net profit of over $4 million and employed just under half a million people both in the United States and around the world.

UPS is a global leader in package handling and logistics, with delivery service options available worldwide. In line with its other major competitors, such as FedEx and DHL, the company shortened its name, and now UPS is an all-encompassing brand that includes various subdivisions and delivery service operating arms.

However, the core of UPS's business is still global packaging and parcel delivery, through its US (domestic) and international services, as well as its supply chain and freight operations. UPS is internationally known and recognized as not only an international brand but also a reputable and longstanding industry stalwart that has high customer loyalty, especially in the United States.

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