Flipkart tracking

Flipkart tracking


Flipkart is an Indian eCommerce company that was founded in 2007. It is a marketplace that provides its customers with a list of products such as electronic accessories, home appliances, clothes, gym equipment and other wide lists of choices.

Flipkart tracking can be done with Ship24 by entering the Flipkart tracking ID or Flipkart tracking number. You can track up to 10 Flipkart orders at the same time.

Flipkart package tracking

Flipkart Order Tracking

You can track your Flipkart order by going to their tracking website or by using a universal tracking system such as Ship24.

Tracking Flipkart Orders on the Website

To track Flipkart orders on their website, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Flipkart account.
  2. Once you have logged in to your Flipkart account, click on "My Orders".
  3. Select the Flipkart order that you want to track.
  4. When selected, you should see the tracking events of your order.

Tracking Flipkart Orders with Ship24

Simply copy and paste your Flipkart tracking ID onto the Ship24 webpage. Ship24 is capable of tracking more than 1,200 couriers which means that whichever courier the seller or merchant has chosen to send your order, Ship24 can trace your tracking number and give you information relating to it. For example, if the merchant has sent your Flipkart order with Ekart Logistics, Delhivery, DTDC, or India Post, all you need is the tracking number and enter it on the Ship24 page.

How to track Flipkart order?

Please note that your Flipkart order ID and Flipkart tracking ID are different. An order ID cannot be used to track your Flipkart order on Ship24 so if you have not received a tracking ID, contact the seller or merchant as tracking IDs are optional when it comes to shipping on Flipkart.

Tracking Flipkart Orders with Mobile Number

Tracking your Flipkart order with your mobile number can be done through the mobile app or the website. To begin tracking your Flipkart using your mobile number, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Flipkart mobile app or head over to their website.
  2. Click on "My Account" or the profile in the top right corner.
  3. Click on "My Orders".
  4. Enter the mobile number that you used on your Flipkart order.
  5. Click on "Track" to view the tracking status of your Flipkart order.

Finding Flipkart Tracking Number

Since Flipkart is a marketplace, a tracking number is usually optional and is given by the seller. The tracking number can often be found on the shipping label, the receipt or the email address/phone number that has been provided by the seller.

To track your parcels with your Flipkart tracking number (if provided), go to this website and enter your tracking ID and email address.

Another way to track your Flipkart parcels is by going to Ship24's homepage. Depending on the courier handling your packages, you will receive a tracking number that can be used to get real-time updates on your packages. Simply copy and paste the tracking number that's been provided on the Ship24 homepage and hit the arrow. You can track up to 10 parcels at the same time.

Please note that the Order ID and tracking number/tracking ID are two different numbers. An order ID indicates the number of your order while a tracking number is used to locate and tell the status of the parcel.

How do I track my Flipkart delivery?

Tracking your Flipkart delivery can be done in two ways, one is by heading to the Flipkart track order website and the other is by tracking your order on Ship24.

To track your Flipkart delivery, all you have to do is enter your Flipkart tracking ID on the track order website or on Ship24. It is recommended to track on Ship24 as it can track more than 1,200 courier deliveries around the world, so it means no matter which courier is handling your order, you can guarantee that Ship24 will give you the tracking updates that you need.

Ship24 also supports tracking more than ten thousand marketplaces around the world. Many users use Ship24 to get order tracking from popular marketplaces such as Myntra, SHEIN, Shopee, AliExpress, TikTok, and many more.

Flipkart Order Tracking Status Meaning

With its own logistics company, Ekart Logistics, you will be able to receive your Flipkart order tracking status by entering the Flipkart tracking number on the Ship24 homepage. You will receive tracking updates which are from Ekart Logistics.

Ekart Logistics Tracking Status Description
Shipment Created The order has a shipping label, but it hasn't been registered or scanned yet.
Out For Pickup The order is going to be picked up by an Ekart driver.
Pick Up From Seller The seller has given the order to the Ekart driver.
Out For Delivery The order is on its way to its destination.
Received at MotherHub When it's received at the MotherHub, it is followed by the city's 3-letter code.
Received at The order has arrived in the city and this courier tracking status is followed by a 3-letter code of the city.
Dispatched to MotherHub The order is sent to the MotherHub. MotherHub is usually followed by a 3-letter code of the city.
Dispatched to This tracking status is followed by the 3-letter code of the city and it means that the order is being sent to that city.
Delivered The recipient has received the order.
Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt (No response from customer) The order was not delivered because the customer did not respond.
Marked RTO: ORDER_REJECT RTO means "Return to Origin". The order is being sent back to the seller.

However, if your order is sent by a different courier, the Flipkart order tracking status may differ from the one above. Similarly, you can just enter the tracking number of the courier delivery company on the Ship24 homepage and get all the tracking updates that you need for your Flipkart order.

Does Flipkart do international delivery?

As of now, Flipkart does not have international delivery available. However, users can still buy items internationally and pay with a credit or debit card that has been issued in India or 21 other countries as long as the delivery address is still in India.

If you purchase an item internationally, delivered it to an address in India and wish to track it, you can do so by entering the Flipkart tracking number on Ship24 and getting real-time tracking updates on where the Flipkart order is. You can enter up to 10 Flipkart tracking numbers and get Flipkart delivery tracking status in a few seconds.

Return Flipkart Order

When an item is missing from your order or the item is defective, you can return the order by going through these steps:

  1. Log into your Flipkart account.
  2. Go to the "My Order" page.
  3. You will have the option to request a refund, replace, or exchange an order.

Can you order mobile phones from Flipkart?

Flipkart has partnered with a number of device producers and mobile companies to offer exclusive deals on the newest mobile phones via the platform. The first partnership made to offer this brand exclusivity was with Motorola, the sole Indian retailer of its Moto G smartphone. The company also offered Flipkart exclusive rights to sell its Moto E, a phone targeted toward the emerging Indian markets.

Since, Flipkart has run a number of exclusive launches in India for other smartphones, including the Xiaomi Mi 3 and Micromax's Yu Yunique 2. As a result, Flipkart has a more than 50 per cent share of all smartphone shipments in India, overtaking Amazon in 2018. Tracking Flipkart mobile phone shipments can be done all in one place, on the Ship24 universal tracking platform.

Make sure you don't miss anything regarding the shipment of your Flipkart parcel with free end-to-end Flipkart package tracking with Ship24.

How has Flipkart shipping improved?

Flipkart has significantly boosted its sales through a series of online shopping events, such as the Big Billion Day, which was held to celebrate the company's anniversary and the Diwali season. The event generated huge amounts of traffic which resulted in the sale of almost $100 million worth of goods in less than half a day. However, the unprecedented amount of sales exposed the limited Flipkart shipping capacity.

Therefore, during the second Big Billion Day sales event, which was held over several days, Flipkart strengthened its supply chain, introduced shipment processing centres, and improved its overall logistical capacity to offer a more seamless shopping experience on sales days.

The second event was a success, with Flipkart selling three times the amount of goods during the event, especially garments and mobile phones, with some 1.3 million of the latter sold in just 20 hours. Shipping issues were also better handled, with investment in its logistics solutions paying off.

Also, customers can further be reassured by the fact they can track any Flipkart parcel with Ship24, so they know where their parcel is at all times, once they have received their Flipkart tracking number and entered it into the Ship24 website.

Flipkart has made a number of acquisitions in order to further its competitive advantage within the Indian eCommerce market, including the purchase of online electronics retailer Letsbuy, online fashion retailer Myntra, mobile marketing automation firm Appiterate, and online fashion retailer Jabong, among others. This shows Flipkart's intention to continue to dominate the Indian eCommerce market and deliver the most wanted brands to its customers.

What are some of the house brands offered by Flipkart?

Flipkart operates several house brands, such as home appliance brand Citron, electronics and accessories brand Digiflip, and smartphone brand Billion. Flipkart has also since begun selling smart TVs under the disputed brand name MarQ.

Flipkart, in an attempt to compete with Amazon, launched Flipkart Video, an in-app streaming service offering content from TVF and Viu, among others.

Does Flipkart have a free delivery option?

Flipkart free shipping is only available for certain users, either those eligible for rewards or who are part of the Flipkart Plus special service. Users must register to be part of Flipkart plus, with registered allowing users free Flipkart shipping and delivery on most products, as well as other types of promotions.

Those users who are not registered with Flipkart Plus can also take advantage of free Flipkart shipping and deliveries, but terms and conditions apply, as well as the type of product being searched. However, whichever Flipkart parcel delivery service you choose, you can access Flipkart package tracking for free using the Ship24 universal tracking website.

It's as simple as copying and pasting your Flipkart tracking number (which will be sent to you upon purchase of your Flipkart order) onto the search bar of the Ship24 website. Then, no matter who your parcel is being shipped with (whether it is Flipkart's in-house shipping service Ekart or a delivery partner) you can track your Flipkart order anywhere in the world.

How much does Flipkart delivery cost?

Flipkart shipping costs are very competitive, with the average cost of shipping in India not exceeding two dollars a parcel. Of course, it depends on the size, weight, and destination of your parcel, however, Flipkart shipping is kept intentionally cheap in order to stay competitive against other market players, such as Amazon India.

Flipkart also offers discount promotions that reduce shipping costs further, depending on sales and user eligibility. Make sure to check when browsing products on the Flipkart website for free delivery options or consider registering with the premium Flipkart Plus service.

To track a Flipkart order, enter the Flipkart tracking number into the Ship24 website to access universal shipment tracking for free, no matter who is handling your Flipkart package.

How do I ship my order with Flipkart?

Flipkart shipping options are available alongside every product advertised on the website, with prices varying as per the eligibility of customers for discounts, as well as the size, weight and destination you wish to send an order to. However, buyers should note that currently, Flipkart's in-house shipping department, namely Ekart, has limited shipping capacity within India and does not ship internationally.

To get around this, Flipkart has taken up partnerships with other logistics companies to help boost its delivery reach across India. Flipkart first partnered with parcel delivery service Blue Dart, before later also partnering with the transport company, First Flight.

As a result, packages ordered from Flipkart may be handled and/or delivered by an external company or handled by several logistics companies as part of its journey. This can mean that Flipkart may not offer full Flipkart tracking on parcels that are handed over between couriers and therefore, customers are urged to use a multi-courier tracking service instead, such as Ship24. Ship24 tracks thousands of online e-tailers and logistics companies, such as Flipkart and Blue Dart, to make sure users can keep up to date with their Flipkart orders from start to finish.

We know how important it is to remove the stress from tracking once an order is made, which is why Ship24 was designed to scan the internet to find the latest on your Flipkart shipments, whoever they are being handled by, and wherever they are. Learn why millions are taking their Flipkart order tracking to Ship24 today by utilizing market-leading multi-courier tracking on the Ship24 website today.

Can I get Flipkart orders delivered in 24 hours?

Once an order has been made, the customer can choose the type of shipment they want depending on the price and desired delivery timeframe. These Flipkart delivery options range from standard delivery, which is a cheaper service with longer delivery times, to same-day delivery, which is the fastest available Flipkart delivery option, and also in most cases the most expensive.

You can also opt for next-day delivery, which is a compromise between the two aforementioned Flipkart shipping options.

Tracking Flipkart Orders without an Account

Once you can have been sent your Flipkart tracking ID you can track a Flipkart package anywhere with shipment tracking experts Ship24. Copy and paste your Flipkart order tracking ID into the Ship24 website and you'll get every update on your Flipkart packages process as it moves towards its final destination.

Contact Flipkart

You can contact Flipkart either via the app, social media website or by phone, for any queries, you have regarding your parcel. All of the relevant contact information can be found on the Flipkart website. If you have a query regarding your Flipkart tracking, customers should know that they can track any Flipkart parcel from start to finish using the third-party tracking platform from Ship24.

The benefit of using a third-party tracking platform is that it tracks any of the delivery companies used by Flipkart, meaning you won't lose the ability to track a Flipkart parcel should it be handed over to another courier as part of the delivery process.

What is Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart Plus is a reward program for customer loyalty, with regular users only needing to amass 500 Supercoins to be a part of this special Flipkart service. Plus, members gain 4 Supercoins for every 100 rupees spent on the Flipkart website. Flipkart Plus members also get access to a range of offer offers, including free Flipkart delivery, early access to sales and shopping events, and priority services.

Flipkart Plus Rewards and Benefits

Flipkart Supercoins can also be used to purchase other partnership deals, such as:

  • An annual Zomato Gold membership
  • An annual Hotstar Premium membership
  • Discount on Ixigo flights
  • 6 months Gaana plus subscription and more!

Further information can be found on the Flipkart website.

Is Flipkart the same as the eBay marketplace in India?

Flipkart and eBay announced plans to sell eBay's Indian subsidiary and instead invest in Flipkart, however, the deal fell through in what would have seen Flipkart users access international eBay merchant networks. Now, the subsidiary is known as eBay. in, still operates as a competitor to Flipkart, alongside the Amazon marketplace.

Where can I access Flipkart customer discounts?

Flipkart has a rewards platform called EasyRewardz, which was first launched in 2019 to maintain customer engagement, on top of its Flipkart Plus loyalty scheme. The reward platform includes discounts and Flipkart shipping deals. You can access Flipkart tracking for free on any order shipped by Flipkart or its parcel delivery partners at Ship24, the universal shipment tracking website.

Does Walmart own Flipkart?

In a recent move, Walmart bought 77 per cent of Flipkart's shares in a deal reported to have amounted to over $20 billion. Although Walmart and Flipkart don't currently offer shipping outside of their respective countries (the United States and India), the deal could see the companies come closer to organizing what would be a welcome move towards global Flipkart shipping, due to the potential universal Flipkart shipping could offer to both the company and international consumers. In the meantime, all orders shipped with Flipkart can still be tracked with Ship24 using just the Flipkart tracking code.

Why is Flipkart so successful?

The Flipkart eCommerce platform, like other online marketplaces such as Alibaba and eBay, enables shoppers to search from thousands of product categories, including specific models and brands, to find pretty much anything they want. With the added ease of checkout through online payment and a variety of Flipkart delivery options to choose from depending on the customer's Flipkart shipping preference, online shopping is proving the winning formula when it comes to the consumer experience.

Using the Flipkart shopping search engine, customers can compare prices of the same product from many different e-tailers, and make their own choice depending on the desired product, specifications, availability, and pricing offered by different e-retailers. This ends the need to jump from shop to shop, either online or between physical shops.

The ability to compare prices on Flipkart has been especially popular with consumers wishing to purchase higher ticket items with variable specs, such as computers and electronic devices, such as laptops, tablet computers, and smartphones.

Indeed, online shops or business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping is overtaking traditional shops because of these many features. Not only is the online shopping experience proving increasingly popular, but it has also led to increased demand for Flipkart shipping options, which has not only seen Flipkart partner with a number of different delivery firms in India, including Blue Dart but also has prompted the company to launch its own Flipkart delivery service, called Ekart.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is an eCommerce company, which was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The company, although founded in India and headquartered in Bangalore, is also incorporated in Singapore as a private limited company.

The company initially operated as an online bookstore before introducing other products including electronics, garments, and footwear, homeware, supermarket products, gym equipment, electronic accessories, among others.

Today, Flipkart shopping is the largest and most powerful eCommerce company in India, valued at over 30 billion USD, with that number only set to increase in line with the growing online shopping sector and the region's rapid digitalization. Although the company specializes in eCommerce, it also offers a range of other services including streaming platforms, digital mapping, and its own in-house delivery option, Ekart.

While China and Japan are internationally recognized for their strides forward in the eCommerce sector, Flipkart's online shopping has shown India can also compete in the sector. While Flipkart does not currently deliver out of India, it is forecast to grow massively which is sure to see the development of international delivery in the near future. This is because currently, only around 40 per cent of India's population uses the internet, meaning there is a relatively low penetration of eCommerce compared to other countries in Europe and America.

However, there are still well over 600 million users in India, and demand for online products is growing faster and faster, with competition between the largest eCommerce companies, namely Snapdeal, and Amazon, hotting up in the country. Currently, Flipkart holds a market share of around 38 per cent within the country.

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