Yanwen tracking

Yanwen tracking

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Yanwen is a leading logistics company based in China providing cross-border eCommerce logistics solutions. Created in 1998 and also known as Yanwen Express, the company specializes in local and international delivery across some 214 countries. Yanwen uses the road, air, and rail as transportation methods for delivering packages.

Use Ship24 for your Yanwen tracking and get real-time updates on the current status of your packages. Track up to 10 Yanwen tracking numbers at the same time and get your results within a few seconds.

Yanwen package tracking

How do I track my package from Yanwen?

When Yanwen is shipping packages to countries around the world, they will provide a set of combinations of numbers and letters. This is called the Yanwen tracking number. With this Yanwen tracking number, you will be able to follow the packages being shipped to you.

You can track Yanwen packages through the Yanwen website or you can use Ship24, a universal, multi-courier tracking system that offers true end-to-end tracking. It is recommended when shipping with Yanwen to use Ship24 as shipments are often handed over to other couriers, such as in Europe or North America when they arrive. Ship24 also allows you to track couriers like China Post, YunExpress, Cainiao, and many other international couriers.

Ship24 will allow you to keep tracking your package regardless of who takes over handling it in the destination country.

Where can I get international Yanwen tracking?

Tracking your Yanwen international package can be done through a third-party tracking website that offers universal tracking like Ship24. Ship24 can track your Yanwen package whether it is in the United States, India, Brazil, or any other part of the world. Simply copy your Yanwen international tracking number and paste it on the Ship24 homepage.

You can track up to 10 Yanwen tracking numbers at the same time and get tracking results within a few seconds. Ship24 is capable of tracking more than 1,200 private and postal couriers around the world. So it means that even if your Yanwen package is passed to another courier like DTDC, UPS, DHL, FedEx, or any other courier, Ship24 will still be able to automatically detect that courier with the same Yanwen tracking number.

Another great thing when tracking your international Yanwen package with Ship24 is that it also has the capability of tracking your orders from tens of thousands of marketplaces in the world like AliExpress, SHEIN, Shopee, Amazon, and more!

So, if the seller sends your orders through Yanwen, all you would need is to request or copy your Yanwen tracking number and enter it on the Ship24 homepage. From there, you can let Ship24 do its job by delivering your tracking updates.

What is Yanwen's tracking number format?

Yanwen package tracking number formats usually start with two capital letters (for example VP, UV UF, etc.), which are followed by 9 numbers, before ending with the two capital letters (generally YP). Examples of these Yanwen tracking numbers, or codes, can be found below.

Yanwen Tracking Number Examples

  • VP493827589YP
  • UV584739586YP

However, other formats for Yanwen package tracking numbers may also exist.

For example, Yanwen may use directly a postal tracking number such as LO123456789CN or similar. In other cases, the Yanwen package tracking code format may look like this: AA9999 9999 99AA. (i.e composed of 14 characters, a mix of capital letters and numbers).

When a package ordered from China leaves and arrives in Europe, North America or another destination, Yanwen tracking numbers can sometimes change, which is why people opt to track their Yanwen packages with Ship24. Ship24 takes into account the tracking number variables and can still track packages that have undergone a change from their original Yanwen tracking number.

Tracking number changes occur most often because they have been passed on to another courier. Ship24's multiple courier tracking system takes this into account and scans other courier sites beyond Yanwen to find your package.

Where Yanwen will usually provide the new tracking number to a customer if it does change, Ship24 can usually track any Yanwen package from the original tracking number.

Is my Yanwen tracking number fake?

The tracking number format for Yanwen consists of 13 alphanumeric digits with 2 letters in the beginning followed by a 9-digit number, then ending with YP (Yanwen Post).

To check if your Yanwen tracking number is fake or not, head over to the Ship24 homepage and paste your tracking number there. You should see results on the status of your packages if the Yanwen tracking number is not fake.

If there are any issues, please contact the merchant or seller regarding this matter.

Is Yanwen legit?

Yanwen is considered to be a legit shipping provider. The only problem is that the delivery of the packages usually takes longer to arrive to you. To know whether or not you have a legit tracking number, you can enter the Yanwen tracking number on the homepage of Ship24.

If there are tracking results that show up, then that means that your Yanwen parcel is on its way to you. If there aren't any tracking updates, double-check your tracking numbers and if there's still nothing, contact the Yanwen customer service to resolve this issue.

What updates can I get from Yanwen tracking notifications?

When you register your package to Yanwen, you will receive a tracking number. With the tracking number, head over to Ship24 to see updates on your packages' journey. Some of the tracking notifications that you will receive are as follows:

Yanwen Tracking Notifications

Tracking Notifications/Statuses Description
Picked up The Yanwen package has been shipped and is ready to be picked up.
Process completed in Yanwen Facility The Yanwen package is processed at a Yanwen sorting warehouse.
Departed from Yanwen Facility The Yanwen package has left a Yanwen sorting warehouse.
Forwarded by transport The Yanwen package has reached a certain destination and is on its way to your address.
Data received The Yanwen package is registered by the sender but has not been given to Yanwen yet.
Azerbaijan arrival The Yanwen package has arrived in Azerbaijan.
Received by the dispatch center The Yanwen package is with the dispatch centre.
Depart from airport of the original country The Yanwen package has left the origin country's airport and is on the way to the destination country.
Dispatched from the dispatch center The Yanwen package has left the dispatch centre.
Shenzhen Data received The Yanwen package is registered by the sender in Shenzhen but has not been given to Yanwen yet.
Shenzhen Dispatched from the dispatch center The Yanwen package has left the dispatch centre in Shenzhen.
Shenzhen Received by the dispatch center The Yanwen package is with the dispatch centre in Shenzhen.
Kazakhstan Accepted by destination Post The Yanwen package is accepted by a post office in Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan Arrived in destination country The Yanwen package has reached Kazakhstan.
加拿大 【加拿大】已妥投 The Yanwen package is at a Canadian post office.
INDIA Item arrived at The Yanwen package has arrived in India.
温哥华 到达寄达地处理中心 The Yanwen package is being processed in Vancouver.
加拿大 已到达【加拿大】投递局 The Yanwen package has arrived at a facility in Canada.

Is Yanwen tracking in English?

Oftentimes, when you track your Yanwen package, you will get tracking statuses that are in Chinese, understanding the tracking statuses may be difficult for non-Chinese speakers. Luckily, Ship24 will give you tracking statuses in English when you enter your Yanwen shipping tracking numbers on the homepage so you don't have to translate the tracking statuses.

You can also get English tracking on Ship24 from not only Yanwen but also from other well-known Chinese courier companies such as SF Express, Yunda Express, 4PX, YTO Express, and many more!

Why is my Yanwen tracking number not updating?

Causes of delay in tracking may be due to the courier still processing or registering the package. When this occurs, Wait for a few hours or around 24 hours before trying to track the package again. Another reason could be a mistype or a missing number or letter in the Yanwen tracking number. Carefully check the Yanwen tracking number you've entered and try again.

There could also be some issues with the tracking website of Yanwen, it is recommended to use Ship24 as your tracking system as it gives reliable information regarding your packages. You can track up to 10 packages at the same time and even if your package is passed to another courier, Ship24 has an auto-courier detection feature which automatically detects which courier your package is with.

Are Yanwen's package delivery services reliable?

Having been established over 20 years ago and showing impressive year-on-year growth, Yanwen has earned considerable trust from sellers who use its shipping services, particularly Chinese merchants.

Yanwen boasts an average delivery time of 14 to 28 days for packages that originate from China and are delivered to international destinations. This is a competitive delivery time for international goods, which along with Yanwen's well-established shipment handling presence and logistical knowledge stands in favour of its reliability.

Yanwen also works with many other reputable courier firms, such as TNT and USPS, to help with their deliveries when dealing with international shipments. This strong presence on the international shipping scene means that many put their faith in Yanwen to deliver.

Should I use Yanwen tracking or third-party tracking for my package?

Although Yanwen does offer its own in-house tracking, there are several reasons why it is more advisable to track your package using a universal tracking system, such as Ship24.

Not only is it free, but it tracks over 1,200 couriers and thousands of different shops worldwide as well as has been built by a cutting-edge development team. To go into further reasoning behind switching to Ship24 tracking for all your package tracking needs, find out below:

  • Multi-courier capability - If you try to track with one package delivery company you are limiting your search capability to one courier. If your package changes handlers, such as if Yanwen subcontracts out the delivery with a local courier, this may mean that you cannot track your package effectively. Ship24's universal multiple courier tracking system gives you the ability to track Yanwen shipments globally.

  • Tracking: All in one place - If you order from different eCommerce websites and marketplaces, then it will probably mean that your various items ordered are being handled by multiple couriers. Ship24 allows you to search up to 10 tracking numbers simultaneously, whether it is with one or 10 different couriers, providing instant information on them all, for free!

    That's why people are choosing to use Ship24, rather than have to search 10 different websites to find 10 different types of packages. Find all your tracking needs in one place at Ship24.

  • Powerful tracking capability - Ship24 tracks thousands of online shops, couriers, and postal services to find out the latest details of your package, such as its current location and current status, keeping you in the loop when it comes to your package's progress.

  • Constant improvement - Our 24 hours a day data quality monitoring doesn't stop, as we strive to bring you the best universal tracking system possible. Our team has designed our whole system with ease of use and maximum capability in mind.

    But not only that, but we are also aware that we need to keep up with a fast-moving shipment industry to ensure our tracking remains superior. Therefore we are continuing to develop our product so you can rest assured that the service you get will be cutting-edge.

  • In-house response - Our support teams are here to help with your queries to make sure our promise to deliver the best service is met. Those who have an issue with the handling of their package are, however, encouraged to contact couriers direct as the handling and delivery of the package is the responsibility of that company or postal service and not Ship24.

    Nevertheless, we can help you by showing you the latest location and status of your package if your query is about deliveries being late, which may help you when contacting the relevant courier company. Check with Ship24 before you get in contact with them to have the most amount of information available when you speak to their customer services team.

Which countries can Yanwen send packages to?

Yanwen can deliver packages to more than 200 different countries and regions including the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Prices to these destinations will vary on weight, size and final destination.

How long does Yanwen shipping take?

In general, Yanwen Special Line is a more cost-effective shipping method, similar to say, a standard shipping option. The delivery turnaround is about 1 to 14 days in China under normal circumstances.

The Yanwen shipping time depends on the selected delivery service as well as the weight and size of the package being shipped. There are several different shipping services available (written below) but the cost and availability of these services will depend on the size and weight of your package and the delivery timeframe you require.

What may cause delays to that delivery timeframe are unforeseen circumstances. These could include statutory holidays, the final destination being a rural or particularly remote area, severe weather events, policy adjustments (such as hold-ups at customs) or exceptional events like outbreaks of disease, such as seen during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, which caused a worldwide shipping slowdown due to lockdowns and border closures.

Border closures can also be caused by other factors, which may further delay package deliveries. The best way to keep abreast of any issues that your package delivery could face is always best to check with the courier. Otherwise, in certain cases delivery is sometimes unavoidable.

For international shipping, the delivery time normally takes up to 35 to 60 days. Depending on the circumstances, it might take longer for the packages to be delivered.

To check the status and location of your Yanwen package, or a package with another courier, go to the Ship24 website and enter your tracking number into its simple-to-use, free, universal tracking system and get the latest info on your order.

How long does Yanwen shipping take to the US?

The usual delivery time for a Yanwen package ordered in China and shipped with Yanwen is around 2 to 3 weeks or 14 to 21 days. This would be if the package was shipped through Yanwen's regular postal service option.

Yanwen shipping package times can be increased by purchasing express options with Yanwen, which will mean your package will be sent via express transportation methods, such as by air, rather than the more standard options which tend to be a combination of land and sea transportation.

You can track your Yanwen shipping to the US by entering the Yanwen tracking number on Ship24. You can get tracking events of your Yanwen package anywhere in the world and you can expect results within a few seconds.

Is Yanwen a middleman courier?

Buyers should that Yanwen often acts as an intermediary shipper, or middleman courier, for packages sent from China to the west. This means that once a package has arrived in the USA, the Yanwen package will be passed on to either one of the big package delivery companies, such as USPS or FedEx, or a local courier, to finish the last part of its journey.

If this is the case, you will need to track your package with Ship24, in order to make sure you can get the latest details and location on your package once the handover takes place.

Ship24 works with thousands of couriers and shops to help users track their packages worldwide. Regardless of how many times it is handed over, Ship24 will help you keep track of your package every step of the way, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How fast does Yanwen shipping take to Canada?

Yanwen packages picked up in China and shipped to Canada will take around 14 to 30 days, and when Yanwen packages arrive in Canada, they are typically handed over to Canada Post to finish their journey to their final destination.

To keep track of your package once Canada Post has taken over the handling of your Yanwen package, head to the Ship24 website for universal, multi-courier tracking capability.

When will my Yanwen shipment arrive in the UK?

Yanwen packages shipped from China to the United Kingdom (UK) will usually take around 12 to 30 days. Upon arrival, the final leg or last mile; of their journey will usually be handled by the Royal Mail.

Track your Yanwen package from dispatch to delivery, even when courier handling is passed on, with Ship24, the global package tracking solution.

What are Yanwen Express delivery options?

Yanwen has different delivery options, of which Yanwen Express is one of the most popular.

Yanwen Express Delivery Options

Yanwen Express offers its customers a variety of delivery options.

Yanwen Express

Yanwen Express is the fast-track shipping option. Their tracking number format usually starts and ends with 2 capital letters, with 9 numbers between.

Yanwen Economic Air Mail

Economic Air Mail is the most common Yanwen shipping option chosen by Yanwen customers. Chinese merchants using Yanwen generally opt for this delivery service due to its cost-efficiency offerings. It is used in particular by Alibaba sellers for small items (Sellers should note that this option is only available for items weighing less than 2 kilos).

Yanwen Special Line

Special line delivery is a type of Yanwen shipping where packages are sent via air cargo to their destination country, before being handed over to a local courier or postal service.

How do I contact Yanwen customer care?

For any questions or queries regarding your Yanwen packages, you can contact them in several ways. One is by contacting their customer care hotline and the other by sending them an email.

Yanwen Hotline Number

  • +86 400 108 5656 (calls within China)
  • + 86 755 8251 2889 (calls outside China)

Yanwen Email Address

What is Yanwen?

Known short as Yanwen, the Beijing Yanwen Logistics Company Limited was established in 1998. Today, the company has offices in over 50 cities across China, with its headquarters located in Beijing.

The logistics company largely serves as a courier middleman, picking up packages from sellers in China and forwarding them to other couriers at the various destinations the packages are destined for. Yanwen uses air, rail, road, and sea transportation methods to ship packages and has international reach as part of its services.

Yanwen is also the first company to obtain both an international express business license and an international mail business license, making it uniquely positioned within the market.

Operating with its self-developed system, Yanwen has become a market-leading package delivery, forwarding, and logistics company that is rapidly expanding its network globally.

Yanwen Express delivers to more than 120 countries globally and is responsible for the forwarding of around 1.5 million packages daily.

Packages handled by Yanwen typically are items purchased from eCommerce websites and marketplace platforms such as Alibaba and BangGood and it often works with other courier companies, such as DHL, Royal Mail, and UPS to finish deliveries of items ordered from China to European and North American countries.

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