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TNT tracking


Get your TNT tracking updates on Ship24 by simply entering your tracking numbers on the homepage. Track up to 10 TNT tracking numbers and get tracking information in a short period of time.

TNT package tracking

What is TNT and does it offer real-time tracking?

TNT, or TNT Express, was officially formed in 2011 after separating from parent company TNT NV. This was in part due to TNT NV renaming itself as PostNL also after the separation.

In 2012, UPS announced it wanted to buy TNT Express, but the deal fell through in 2013. This left TNT open for the taking, and in April 2015 FedEx acquired the company as part of the expansion of its operation in Europe.

Since the take-over, TNT Express remains a major European shipping and logistics company, offering road and air delivery services across Europe, as well as the APAC (or Asia-Pacific region), both north, south, and central Americas, the Middle East, and Africa. The company has also won popularity from consumers by announcing its carbon emissions-cutting, which makes sense both economically for the parcel delivery company as well as winning customers who wish to ship with carbon-conscious couriers. This has in the past set it apart from other couriers such as Aramex and DHL and postal services such as China Post and Royal Mail.

TNT today offers a user-friendly service, where the websites take customers who wish to ship their parcel with TNT Express on a three-step process, namely selecting the service they want, providing advice on the packing depending on the package variables, and finally a tracking service.

Selecting the service basically means choosing the type of delivery the buyers want, such as to send a parcel abroad or domestically, and the speed at which it arrives through a choice in shipping options. Typically, cheaper options that suit customers with a lower budget or who want to save on shipping costs choose slower delivery options. The lack of urgency of delivery works in favor of those who wish to ship in the most economical way possible. However, they should expect considerably longer shipping times, which may even be extended if their TNT parcel should run into problems being processed at customs in the event of a transit chain delay.

How should TNT parcels be packaged to avoid delays?

TNT Express offers very specific advice about parcel packaging which it says can help reduce the risk of delays, damage, or both. There is a section of the website dedicated to making sure parcels are packaged correctly, depending on the size and weight of the item. Usually, the size and weight of your TNT parcel will also affect the cost of shipping, as well as meaning it may not be able to travel on certain modes of transport (such as by air) which could delay the shipping time. Buyers using TNT shipping are advised to check the packaging section of the TNT Express website in order to avoid any extra charges or complications with their parcel.

What are the maximum weight and size for a TNT parcel?

TNT has specific costings and prices for each variation of the parcel which can be found by entering the specific dimensions of your parcel on the website and choosing the method of shipping you would like.
For information on the standard shipping prices, buyers are encouraged to head to the TNT Express website to find the current prices regarding the standard, economy, and air for parcels sized under 2kg or between 2 and 4kg.

Below is the choice of TNT shipping services offered as standard:

Shipping services:

  • International economy Express
  • Express
  • Same day
  • Heavy shipment

Below is a list of shipping destinations that are offered for the above TNT shipping choices.

Shipping locations:

  • Europe
  • Asia pacific
  • America
  • Middle East
  • Africa

Any parcel weighing over 23 kilos is considered a "heavy shipment" with TNT Express. If your parcel weighs more than 23 kilos, it doesn't automatically get put on a pallet. Whereas shipments under 70 kilos can usually travel without a pallet, but this depends on the region where you want to ship your parcel.

Large shipments will come with an extra fee, which will vary depending on the service chosen. If you have selected an economy or a domestic service, a fee will be applied for shipments larger than 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.8m. If you have selected an express service, the fee will apply for a shipment larger than 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.5m.

Any TNT shipment heavier than 500 kilos or with too large dimensions will require a unique shipping solution which will need to be arranged with the support team, which can be contacted through the TNT website.
How do I successfully track a TNT Express package?

Once a shipment has been dispatched, you have two options. You could use the in-house "Track & Trace" system from TNT Express to keep up with your package as it progresses. However, TNT Express - as a subsidiary of FedEx - may utilize several other courier services to deliver your parcel, where there are not TNT Express services in one of the countries the parcel passes through or at its final destination. Therefore, people are increasingly turning to Ship24 to have complete information on their package throughout the duration of its journey.

Ship24 offers universal tracking on over 700 couriers and thousands of shops. Its powerful tracking system also offers as close to real-time as possible updates on both the location of your parcel and its current status. While TNT tracking is available, Ship24 is a tracking specialist and is the ultimate solution when it comes to tracking TNT parcels. Ship24 is available year-round and its tracking solutions offer universal coverage.

How long should I expect a TNT parcel delivery to take?

Delivery time for TNT may vary according to where you live. TNT has an integrated network across 200 countries, so as you can imagine there can be considerable variation. The TNT average parcel delivery times are as follows:

  • United-Kingdom - TNT provides an express next-day delivery. Parcel for delivery received at 9 am, 10 am, or midday are eligible for next-day delivery services, with prices varying. Usually, an order dispatched at 9:00 using the next day express system will arrive at its destination before 9 am the following day. This express service is actually available in various major cities in some 40 countries worldwide. The 10:00 and 12:00 express work in the same way and aim to be with the receiver with the 24-hour period.
  • Europe - TNT provides a service delivery within 1-3 working days. If it is not with the express delivery option.
  • Outside of Europe - For deliveries outside of the UK or Europe, it will largely depend on the destination. TNT can still boast impressive delivery times of 1 to 2 days if required, but they will cost more outside of the two aforementioned regions.

However, buyers should note that TNT parcel delivery times to the US are very efficient, due to their ownership by FedEx, which is one of the largest delivery companies in the US and handles many of the TNT posted packages that arrive from Europe to America.

I think my TNT parcel is lost, what should I do?

To check track where your TNT parcel is, as well as its current status, simply enter the tracking number on Ship24 to get the latest tracking information on your TNT package. The service is free and can be used to track your parcel 24 hours a day, whenever you need it.

However, if you are concerned that something has happened to your parcel, buyers are encouraged to contact the information hotline directly on 13 11 50.

You can also email or check with the support team on the website. However, response times may vary and it is best to make sure you have your TNT tracking number and checks its current status on the Ship24 website before calling, so you have as much information about your parcel at your disposal when you get through to the customer services.

What does a TNT tracking number look like?

TNT tracking numbers usually are nine digits long.

  • An example of this is 907384999.

They can also sometimes be a combination of 13 letters and numbers, that typically start with two capital letters - such as "GD" - followed by 9 digits and ending by the two capital letters - such as "WW".

  • An example of this is GD957499689WW.

However, some other less common tracking number parcels may also exist.

The TNT tracking number or code is very important because it will allow you to find where your shipment is. If your TNT package is delayed, or if you need any information about it, the TNT customer service will ask you for this number if you call them.

Another easier way is to use a third-party tracking system, such as Ship24. All you need to do is to go on the homepage of the Ship24 website, put the TNT tracking number in the search bar and click enter. You will get all the necessary information related to your TNT parcel.

Are universal tracking websites better to track my TNT parcel?

When searching for a TNT parcel, people worry that they need to understand all the letters and numbers which are in the tracking number in order to activate tracking on their parcel. While combinations of these may vary, knowing the various combinations is not necessary when you head to the Ship24 tracking website. All a buyer needs to do, once they have the tracking number, is head to the Ship24 website and enter their tracking code - whatever combination of numbers and letters it is - to start tracking their TNT parcel worldwide.

Ship24's universal tracking tool can instantly identify the TNT tracking number and obtain all the relevant tracking information on your TNT parcel's current whereabouts and status.

Tracking with Ship24 takes the pressure off the customer, with the only requirement being to enter the tracking code they received from TNT into the Ship24 website, leaving the Ship24 tracking system to do the rest! It will scan thousands of couriers and shops, so you don't have to, bringing you the information you need about your package or parcel instantly on your screen.

What is the best way to track a TNT parcel?

Luckily, tracking TNT parcels has become a lot easier for those who use the TNT service but also use other handlers for parcels as well. Ship24 is a website which is designed for those wanting to keep track of more than just a single package or parcel with a single courier. If they want to track solely with TNT, that is fine. But this can become problematic when the following should occur:

  • A person who purchases from a number of shops, eCommerce websites, marketplaces and platforms and therefore may need to utilize different courier services depending on their location
  • A person wants the freedom of being able to choose different transportation methods for their shipment
  • A person's order - although handled by TNT - is a subcontract to other couriers

These are just some of the situations which have led to people opting to use universal tracking services from companies which track multiple couriers at the same time. A one-stop-shop which has the capability to track parcels changing hands through different subcontracted companies and for people you use different courier services as they don't want to be tied down to one handler. This is where Ship24 offers the ultimate solution, providing real-time tracking and status updates as they happen on over 700 couriers and thousands of shops, instantly.

This is the benefit of not only tracking your parcel with TNT because you know that with Ship24 you can search all of these couriers as many times as you want, at any point at the day or night, 365 days a year! (And also, even on a leap year day, whenever it comes around!). It is because of the comprehensive web scanning system that Ship24 has which has led to people making the switch to the website for all their tracking needs, whether it be a parcel with TNT or otherwise.

This means that buyers whose order is being handled by TNT don't need to track through TNT. The same applies for those who have ordered with DHL, UPS, China Post, and Japan Post, Aramex or otherwise. All buyers can track their TNT package universally, all in one place, with Ship24. Head to the Ship24 website, enter your tracking number, and you're off!

How long does it take for TNT parcel tracking to update online?

TNT endeavors to update the location and status of all registered parcels as soon as they are processed at the point at which they are at. This tracking information is then uploaded and is available online. However, if a parcel subcontracted to another courier this may take longer.

Ship24 instantly updates the location and status of a parcel as soon as it is updated with the courier, so for the latest information on your parcel, check the Ship24 website for free and as close to real-time as possible updates on your parcel. This service can be used as many times as you like, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year.

Why is my TNT tracking not showing me the latest parcel update?

There could be several reasons for TNT not showing an update. These can include delays in the parcels progress along its route, with customs holdups and adverse weather conditions being among the reasons for causing these delays. Although buyers should be aware that if they do not see any status updates, this usually does not mean an update has happened on their TNT parcel which they have not been informed about, it most probably means that no event has happened to update them on. For the latest tracking information regarding their package or parcel with TNT, check with on the Ship24 website at any point. You can check for updates on the Ship24 tracking tool as many times as you like, free of charge.

Please note: All of the updates will be taken from the courier websites, so if you want further information on your status meaning, then buyers are encouraged to check with the courier directly, as they will be able to help you resolve any issues going forward. However, anyone contacting their courier can check the latest status and location TNT tracking information on Ship24 beforehand, in order to help TNT better understand your specific TNT parcel tracking query.

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