China Post tracking

China Post tracking

People's Republic of China - 中国邮政

China Post tracking is an essential service that allows you to monitor the progress of your packages and shipments sent through China Post. Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, tracking your items provides you with real-time updates and peace of mind. With China Post's reliable tracking system, you can stay informed about the whereabouts of your parcels throughout the entire delivery process.

China Post package tracking

Tracking China Post Package

To track your China Post parcels, there are several ways in doing so. You can get China Post tracking services on their websites, on WeChat, or on a third-party tracking service such as Ship24.

China Post Tracking on Website

To track your China Post packages on their website, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official China Post website.
  2. Locate the tracking section.
  3. Enter the tracking number.
  4. Access real-time tracking updates.
  5. View detailed shipment information.
  6. Check delivery status and estimated arrival time.

China Post Tracking on WeChat

China Post offers tracking services through the popular messaging and social media platform, WeChat. To track your package via WeChat, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WeChat app on your mobile device.
  2. Search for the official China Post account or add it as a contact.
  3. Start a conversation with China Post.
  4. Enter your tracking number in the chat window.
  5. Send the message and wait for the tracking information to be displayed.

China Post Tracking on Ship24

With the powerful Ship24 tracking system, getting up-to-date tracking information on your order's location couldn't be easier. To find your package, regardless of the size, shape, or final destination, you will simply need to enter the China Post tracking number which was provided by the sender at the point of purchase on the Ship24 website.

China Post tracking on Ship24 website

With this China Post tracking number, you will be able to continue tracking your package or parcel throughout its journey, using it to keep up to date with the latest status and location of your shipment. This is how you track China Post mail using our system.

China Post Tracking Number Format

Tracking numbers play a crucial role in China Post's tracking system. These unique identifiers are assigned to each package, allowing customers to monitor their shipment's progress. The tracking number for the Post of China consists of a 13-digit letter and number. Depending on the parcel you are sending, the tracking number usually starts with "R", "LF", "C", "U", or any two capital letters. It is then followed by a 9-digit number and ends with China's ISO code, CN.

China Post tracking number format

The China Post tracking number may vary depending on the type of service or type of parcels you are sending. For:

  • Registered Air Mail, the China Post tracking number starts with "R" or "L".
  • Surface Mail or Ordinary Mail, the China Post tracking number starts with "U".
  • Surface Mail or Unregistered Mail China Post tracking number consists of an 11-digit number.

China Post Tracking Number Examples

  • CP123456789CN
  • EE123456789CN
  • RA123456789CN

China Post International Package Tracking

China Post International Tracking enables you to track your packages sent through China Post to international destinations. It offers global coverage, allowing you to track packages sent to numerous countries worldwide. Real-time tracking updates provide visibility into the status of your package, including its location, estimated delivery time, and significant events during transit.

China Post International Tracking offers multiple tracking options, including online tracking through the China Post website, mobile tracking apps, and third-party tracking services like Ship24. This service improves the customer experience by providing reassurance and reducing anxiety, allowing recipients to plan and prepare for the arrival of their packages.

China Post Amazon Order Tracking

China Post can track your Amazon order only if the seller or merchant has sent the product you ordered through China Post. When it is sent by means of China Post, a tracking number is provided which can then be used to track your Amazon order.

China Post eBay Order Tracking

Only if the seller or merchant sent the item you ordered through China Post may China Post track your eBay order. Your eBay order can be tracked using the tracking number that is issued when it is shipped via China Post.

China Post Tracking with USPS

USPS offers tracking services for various shipping methods originating from China and destined for the USA. These include China Post Register Airmail, EMS, ePacket, and Sea/Air combined parcels. With USPS tracking, you can conveniently monitor the progress of your shipment.

However, it's important to note that USPS does not provide tracking for China Post Ordinary Small Packets or China Post Direct Xpress Mail Parcels, even if the ultimate destination of the parcel is the USA. Therefore, for these specific shipping options, tracking updates may not be available through USPS.

When utilizing USPS for international shipments from China to the USA, it's advisable to consider the available tracking options to ensure greater visibility and peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

China Post Tracking Notifications

Upon sending a registered package to China Post, a tracking number is provided with the package. With this China Post tracking number, it can be used to track the package until it reaches your doorstep. When you are tracking your package, several notifications or statuses will be shown throughout each mile of delivery.

Here is a list of other statuses that you may find while tracking your China Post package:

China Post Notifications/Statuses Description
Package Received China Post has received your package.
Departure from Local Sorting Center The package has been sorted and is now leaving the local centre.
Arrival at Regional Sorting Center The package is being sorted at the regional centre.
Departure from Regional Sorting Center The package has been sorted and is now leaving the regional centre.
Dispatched from Office of Exchange The package is going to the nearest post office.
Handed over to the Carrier The package has been handed to a local courier.
Arrival at Destination The package has arrived in the destination country.
Arrival at Processing Center The package is being processed at a centre.
Item Presented to Customs The package is being examined by customs.
Item Returned from Customs The package has been examined by customs.
Departure from International Sorting Center The package has been sorted and is now leaving the international centre.
Arrival at Delivery Office The package is ready to be delivered.
Scheduled for Delivery The package is going to be delivered soon.
Out for Delivery The package is being delivered.
Delivered You have received the package.

China Post Tracking Notification "in transit' Meaning

When your China Post package is in transit, it means that the item has been shipped from the origin country and is on its way to its destination.

  • Your parcel may have been handed over to the carrier.
  • Your parcel may have been dispatched or left its country of origin.
  • Your parcel may have reached the destination country and is under customs inspection.
  • Your parcel has reached its destination country and is in domestic transit.
  • Your parcel is under another transit period. It can be in another country as a transit point and will be forwarded from there to its final destination country.

China Post Tracking Notification "Delivery Failed" Meaning

If you are tracking your China Post package and it says "Delivery Failed", it means that the courier tried to deliver the package to the recipient but was not successful in doing so. Some reasons could be because the recipient was not there to collect the package or that the sender has placed the wrong address.

If these are the cases, it is best to contact the nearest China Post branch office and ask for the package's status. Most couriers will keep the package for two weeks before sending it back to the sender so it is best to call the nearest courier and ask for the status of the package.

Keep track of your packages by using Ship24 as your universal tracking system and track up to 10 China Post tracking numbers to get real-time events!

China Post Services

China Post EMS

China Post EMS (Express Mail Service) is a fast and reliable international courier service provided by China Post. It offers speedy delivery both domestically and internationally, leveraging an efficient transportation network. With China Post EMS, you can send packages to over 200 countries and regions worldwide, providing extensive global reach.

One of the notable features of China Post EMS is its robust tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the progress of your shipments in real-time. China Post EMS also offers optional insurance coverage, providing protection for valuable or fragile items during transit.

China Post ePacket

China Post ePacket is a shipping service offered by China Post specifically designed for international e-commerce shipments. It provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for delivering small and lightweight packages to customers around the world. The ePacket service aims to bridge the gap between traditional postal services and expedited courier services, offering a balance between affordability and speed.

China Post ePacket also offers faster delivery times compared to regular international mail services. While delivery times can vary depending on the destination country, ePacket generally offers a quicker shipping option compared to standard international postal services. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable and reasonably fast shipping method for their smaller packages.

China Post Air Parcel

China Post Air Parcel is an affordable and efficient shipping service for lightweight and moderately sized international packages. It offers a cost-effective solution for global shipping, striking a balance between price and delivery speed. China Post Air Parcel ensures reliable delivery through its extensive network and partnerships with international postal services. The service provides package tracking, allowing you to monitor your package's journey from origin to destination.

China Post Air Parcel is particularly suitable for small businesses or individuals shipping lightweight goods internationally, offering an economical option for international e-commerce shipments.

China Post Small Packet

China Post Small Packet is another shipping service provided by China Post that caters to the delivery of small and lightweight packages. It is a cost-effective option for shipping items that do not require the same level of tracking and delivery speed as ePacket. Small Packet is commonly used for shipping items like accessories, small electronics, and lightweight products.

China Post Registered Mail

China Post Registered Mail is a secure and trackable shipping service that provides added protection for valuable or important items. It offers proof of mailing, serving as evidence that you have sent the package. This proof can be useful for legal or documentation purposes. Registered Mail provides enhanced security through required signatures upon delivery and protection against loss, theft, or damage during transit.

Online tracking facilities are available, allowing you to monitor the progress of your package through the China Post website or other tracking platforms. Once the package is delivered, you receive a confirmation of delivery, serving as proof that it reached its intended recipient.

China Post Delivery Time

Typically, the first two methods of transportation listed will take between 5 to 30 days for delivery. The last option takes the longest, with estimated delivery times usually over one month. Below is China Post's estimated delivery time frame for Ordinary Mail, Registered Mail, EUB (ePacket), and EMS.

China Post Ordinary Mail Delivery Time

Please note that Ordinary Mails are not traceable.

Destination Ordinary Mail Delivery Time
United States 40 to 90 Days
Australia 40 to 90 Days
Canada 40 to 90 Days
United Kingdom 40 to 90 Days
France 40 to 90 Days
Brazil 40 to 90 Days
India 30 to 60 Days
Indonesia 30 to 60 Days
Italy 40 to 90 Days
Japan 30 to 60 Days
Malaysia 30 to 60 Days
New Zealand 30 to 60 Days
Philippines 30 to 60 Days
Pakistan 30 to 60 Days
Russia 30 to 60 Days
Saudi Arabia 40 to 90 Days
Singapore 30 to 60 Days
South Africa 40 to 90 Days
Thailand 30 to 60 Days
Turkey 40 to 90 Days
United Arab Emirates 40 to 90 Days
Vietnam 30 to 60 Days

China Post Registered Mail Delivery Time

Destination Registered Mail Delivery Time
United States 10 to 60 Days
Australia 10 to 60 Days
Canada 10 to 60 Days
United Kingdom 7 to 40 Days
France 7 to 50 Days
Brazil 7 to 50 Days
India 10 to 50 Days
Indonesia 10 to 25 Days
Italy 10 to 30 Days
Japan 5 to 20 Days
Malaysia 5 to 20 Days
New Zealand 7 to 15 Days
Philippines 10 to 20 Days
Pakistan 12 to 50 Days
Russia 7 to 40 Days
Saudi Arabia 15 to 50 Days
Singapore 7 to15 Days
South Africa 40 to 90 Days
Thailand 5 to15 Days
Turkey 10 to 35 Days
United Arab Emirates 10 to 30 Days
Vietnam 10 to 25 Days

China Post EUB(ePacket) Delivery Time

Destination EUB(ePacket) Delivery Time
United States 10 to 40 Days
Australia 10 to 25 Days
Canada 15 to 40 Days
United Kingdom 10 to 35 Days
France 15 to 40 Days
Brazil 15 to 45 Days
India 10 to 25 Days
Indonesia 10 to 25 Days
Italy 15 to 40 Days
Japan 10 to 25 Days
Malaysia 10 to 25 Days
New Zealand 10 to 25 Days
Philippines 10 to 25 Days
Pakistan 7 to 20 Days
Russia 7 to 30 Days
Saudi Arabia 10 to 40 Days
Singapore 7 to 20 Days
South Africa 15 to 45 Days
Thailand 7 to 20 Days
Turkey 7 to 20 Days
United Arab Emirates 7 to 20 Days
Vietnam 7 to 20 Days

China Post EMS Delivery Time

Destination EMS Delivery Time
United States 7 to 20 Days
Australia 7 to 15 Days
Canada 7 to 20 Days
United Kingdom 7 to 20 Days
France 7 to 20 Days
Brazil 7 to 20 Days
India 7 to 15 Days
Indonesia 7 to 15 Days
Italy 7 to 20 Days
Japan 7 to 15 Days
Malaysia 7 to 15 Days
New Zealand 7 to 15 Days
Philippines 7 to 15 Days
Pakistan 7 to 15 Days
Russia 7 to 15 Days
Saudi Arabia 7 to 20 Days
Singapore 7 to 15 Days
South Africa 7 to 20 Days
Thailand 7 to 15 Days
Turkey 7 to 20 Days
United Arab Emirates 7 to 20 Days
Vietnam 7 to 15 Days

China Post tracking not working

If there are no tracking records when you have entered your China Post tracking number, there are several cases why it is not showing any results. One reason could be that the sender has shipped your package yet, if this is the case, please contact the sender. If the sender has sent your China Post package, it may not have been scanned yet, wait for 24 to 48 hours before trying to track it again.

Another reason could be that the China Post tracking number you entered could be wrong. Try to re-read and re-enter the tracking number again to see if you have made any mistakes.

China Post Tracking FAQs

In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions that are related to China Post tracking.

How many people use China Post?

China Post is one of the most popular postal services in mainland China. It is used by retailers, sellers, and merchants and is one of the best transport strategies that allow you to ship internationally. Fortunately, China submits tracking suggests that most orders come within 30 days.

Is China Post tracking real?

China Post tracking is legit and considered safe if the package is registered. To ensure that tracking is available, get a China Post service that has tracking availability as some services do not offer tracking numbers.

Tracking may sometimes be delayed due to the processing or registration of the package, so if this happens, just wait for a few hours before trying to track your China Post tracking numbers.

Where can I find China Post tracking API?

Ship24's China Post package tracking API is a superior tracking system designed to meet the needs of today's businesses. Ship24 offers a range of tracking API packages to suit your business, with rapid integration within minutes. Ship24's tracking API is a one-stop-shop tracking solution delivering end-to-end status and location tracking events as close to real-time as possible.

How do I contact China Post tracking customer service?

You can also contact the China Post Tracking Customer Service:

  • Monday to Sunday - 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM GMT+8.
  • Contact Number (Mandarin): +86 11185 or +86 11183 (the best option)
  • Contact Number (English): +86 1011185 or +86 1011183 (not always available)
  • Email: (this option has a low response rate)

About China Post

China Post, which is legally known as the China Post Group Corporation, is the official operating postal service of China, providing nationwide postal services except in certain special zones, such as Hong Kong.

China Post succeeded the Chunghwa Post, which had served as the main postal provider of mainland China previously before the China Post was established in 1949.

China Post is overseen by the State Post Bureau, which holds overall responsibility for regulating the postal service in China.

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