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Universal tracking API solutions for China Post

A booming e-commerce industry in China has seen exponential demand for shipping options, which China Post is integral in helping to facilitate. If your business uses China Post and wants 100 percent visibility over shipments, look no further than the Ship24 tracking API.

Universal tracking API solutions for China Post

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How do you track China Post parcels universally with an API?

Firstly, China Post Group Corporation is the state-owned postal company operating, the official postal service of China. China Post is not the only postal service worldwide, and it has major competitors which include DHL, Federal Express, UPS among others. However, China Post is specifically utilized by mainland China-based eCommerce platforms and marketplaces such as BangGood, GearBest, and AliExpress.

Whether sellers ship with any China Post option - such as Small Packet, Large Package, and EMS - all registered parcel options can be tracked using the Ship24 tracking API, unless they are unregistered.

The transportation methods for these China Post packages include Air Parcel, Surface Air Lift, and Surface Parcel, with China Post Air the most used to its low-cost and fast turnaround convenience. That being said, EMS is faster than China Post Mail but remains the more expensive option

How long does a parcel take to travel overseas with China Post?

Transit times, as with any courier company, are always subject to unforeseen charges, with delays possible from bad weather, customs inspections, invalid, inadequate address information - the list goes on. That being said, on average, businesses choose the best shipping options to receive their China Post parcels within an expected timeframe. This means that one of two things are assured, not only will the package be delivered - given no uncontrollable circumstances - within the given time, but that businesses using the Ship24 tracking API can make sure that the progress ensuring that delivery is reaching its timeframe target is actually happening. Should anything hinder the parcel's journey, businesses using the Ship24 tracking API will be the first to know, because of Ship24's leading tracking system.

For businesses, the answer is simple: Ship24's universal tracking system. Track your China Post shipment using the tracking number via the Ship24 tracking API system to have the most up-to-date and to the nearest real-time information when you request it.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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What is a standard China Post tracking number that can be tracked by an API?

When a postal item is shipped with China Post, all parcels are assigned a unique tracking number corresponding to the S10 standard of the Universal Postal Union, which consists of 13 numbers and letters.

International services for China Post include small parcel, large package, and EMS. The Small parcel and large package of China Post can be tracked if registered. According to transportation methods, it can be divided into three categories: Air Parcel, Surface Air Lift (SAL) Parcel, and Surface Parcel. China post air mail/parcel is the most used one which is cheap and convenient. EMS is faster than China Post Mail but more expensive.

Buyers should be aware that unregistered China Post packages can still have 13 alphanumeric characters, such as UG548693760CN.

They can be recognized, however, by starting with the letter "U". Unregistered packages are trackable only during their transit through Chinese mainland territory. Therefore, after the parcel is exported, it cannot be tracked. This is due to the fact it is an economy delivery and will not be registered at the various transit points it travels through.

Best option to track China Post packages via an API?

Logistics is complex, so we make it easy. Ship24 can auto-detect the couriers handling your package based on the tracking number, meaning our team is consistently ahead of the curve, adding new couriers and new sources to make sure we cover all your tracking needs. Notwithstanding, data sources are constantly monitored to ensure you get the best possible tracking information, resulting in the ultimate tracking solutions.

We offer true end-to-end and multi-courier tracking services with 759 couriers and thousands of shops. If a parcel changes courier or even tracking numbers. Ship24 is still able to track the exact location and status of your parcel, no matter who it is being handled by.

The Ship24 tracking API is centered around data, but we know our clients just want the relevant information to be delivered in a comprehensive but simple way. Therefore, for each parcel, we offer clear, uniform data delivery detailing the journey of your parcel so far, its current location, and over 20 different states and sub status possibilities to keep our clients in the know.

By providing all of this information instantly, Ship24 enables the customer to make an informed decision depending on their parcel status, while improving delivery rates and overall logistical efficiency.

We know you need to be notified if a parcel requires further action and is stuck at customers. Equally, we know you need the latest on whether delivery of your parcel is imminent or not. Ship24 keeps its customers in the know 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How simple does the Ship24 tracking API make China Post updates to read?

Ship24 presents all the corresponding and aggregated events in the most simple format, with the idea being that we do all the hard work on our end, and in the unlikely event that a miscommunication should occur, the Ship24 tracking service support team is ready to step in and help resolve any issues.

Will Ship24's tracking API cover China Post EMS (Express Mail Service)?

China International EMS is a shipment delivery service available from China Postal Express and Logistics, as well as other postal operators worldwide. In short, yes! Ship24 can track all registered China Post EMA parcels.

The Ship24 auto-detect system will recognize that the shipment ID of this type of registered small parcel is indeed a China Post EMS parcel. It will be able to identify, through its comprehensive tracking knowledge that it will consist of 13 characters - usually beginning with "R" and another letter - followed by 9 digits and ending with "CN". An example of this number can be found below:

  • RS123397789CN

The Tracking number for China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus will also be recognized by the Ship24 tracking API as it will see that it is composed of 9 digits or 13 characters beginning with "U" and another letter following with 9 digits and ending with "CN". An example of this can be found below:

  • UN123453659CN

Does an API show estimated China Post Airmail when arrival times?

Whether your parcel arrives overnight or in over 10 days, Ship24 keeps you fully informed of your parcel's progress. However, it is important to note for both parties involved regarding the shipment of goods, China Post offers generally estimated delivery timeframes depending on each country. These can be found below.

Final Destination - Given Arrival Parameters - Average Arrival Days
Brazil - 7-50 Days - 25
Denmark - 7-25 Days - 12
Finland 7-40 Days - 13
India 10-50 Days - 20
The United States - 7-60 Days - 20
The United Kingdom - 7-40 Days - 15
Canada - 10-60 Days - 30
Australia - 7-60 Days - 30
Poland - 7-18 Days - 10
Portugal - 10-30 Days - 20
Russia - 7-40 Days - 20
Saudi Arabia - 15-50 Days - 28
Germany - 10-25 Days - 18
France - 7-50 Days - 20
Egypt - 25-30 Days - 28
Philippines - 10-20 Days - 15
Pakistan - 12-50 Days - 25
Turkey - 10-35 Days - 20
United Arab Emirates 10-30 Days - 18
Uzbekistan - 20-40 Days - 30
Vietnam - 10-25 Days - 18

As with all parcels, average delivery is due to several different circumstances and for the best possible outlook on your estimated delivery day by day, check with Ship24's latest parcel statuses and locations.

Why should my business get a China Post tracking API?

China Post is one of the most used national postal services in the world, responsible for dealing with and delivering millions of packages, parcels, and mail both domestically and internationally. The usage of the China Post, and the China Post EMS services, have seen a huge increase thanks to the booming eCommerce market in Asia and the competitive pricing of goods manufactured within the country which is ordered from western businesses. This has been further spurred by growing access to these goods through digital means through popular online marketplace platforms such as Alibaba, BangGood, and GearBest. These platforms sell a wide range of goods for low prices, which are able to be delivered around the world thanks to private couriers and in particular, China Post, which offers some of the cheapest logistics services in the region.

Businesses and individuals who are capitalizing on these low prices are also looking at how they can best track a China Post order. As China Post does not operate outside of China, delivery to other countries is usually handled by other couriers and private logistics companies once the goods leave China. This means that in order to keep track of goods, you need to ensure that you have a multicarrier tracking API system. Ship24's China Post tracking API does exactly this, and its universal multi courier tracking functionality has been designed specifically to track China Post orders end-to-end, meaning you won't need to switch who you track with if your parcel should change hands. With Ship24's powerful tracking API, you can get all your business tracking API needs all in one place, with 100 percent of event notifications delivered to you even as your parcel is passed between different logistics companies and last-mile delivery couriers along its journey.

If you want to find out more about our pricing or reach out to a member of our expert online team, please navigate to the pricing page which you'll find on the tab at the top right of the Ship24 website. We offer multiple, flexible pricing plans and China Post tracking API options to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses. We also offer IOSS VAT solutions for distance sellers importing goods to Europe. If you have any other questions, particularly regarding our tracking API functionality, please reach out via our contact us page, the link for which is located at the bottom of the Ship24 website, and one of our international team will get back to you!

Which China Post services can a tracking API follow?

The good news is, with Ship24's universal tracking API, no matter which China Post mailing service you are using or where your package is heading, you can get 100 percent of delivery events, current status notifications, and locational updates as they happen. This is because Ship24's powerful China Post tracking API has been built and designed to track over 1,000 different couriers, logistics companies, e-tailers marketplaces, and more, making it one of the market leaders in tracking API solutions.

The China Post has a number of delivery options, including its small parcel, large package, or Express Mail (EMS) services. Buyers should note that the prices differ depending on the services and the ability to send a product under the various services will depend on the weight and size of the parcel or package. Other factors affecting the services available for package delivery include dimensions, destination, with the urgency of delivery also affecting the amount of time it will take for a package to be delivered.

Ship24 can track any registered parcel sent with China Post. If you are ordering from the China Post regularly and you need a capable tracking API that will give you visibility over all of your orders, then look no further than the shipping experts. Whether your package is traveling by land, sea, road, or otherwise, make sure you have complete tracking with the Ship24 tracking API.

How is China Post different from the China International Express and TNT?

China International Express is an international express service provided by China Postal Express and Logistics in cooperation with Holland TNT. The service is separate from China Post general services in that it reaches over different countries from the main postal service offered by China Post. It also differs from China Post EMS because of its business processes. This service holds international high priority, yet still, the latest location and status updates can be found using the Ship24 universal tracking API.

I have not received an update from my API tracked China Post parcel, is it lost?

Not receiving an update on your parcel doesn't necessarily mean it is lost. In fact, buyers are encouraged to check Ship24 for the latest update on their parcel to understand why the parcel may be stuck along its route. Many reasons, as listed below, could be the cause of a lack of update:

  • Check with the seller - whether it be through marketplaces or platforms such eBay, Wish, or AliExpress - whether the parcel was sent as a registered shipment. If it was not, there may not be a way to track your China Post parcel outside of mainland China.
  • Your package may have been lost during the transportation period.
  • Another issue has arisen, and buyers are encouraged to check with the courier to find a solution.

How do I change the address of my China Post package after shipping?

Once the package is sent, the destination address cannot be changed.

What is an "ePacket" and how can it be tracked using a system API?

An ePacket is a special parcel type designed specifically for lightweight e-commerce items, to make it faster, easier, and ultimately lower the cost for small online marketplace items purchased from China and Hong Kong. Items posted in packets include cosmetics, clothes, gadgets, electronic devices, phone cases, toys, stationery, and so on. Sellers on E-commerce marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress utilize this service the most often

All registered parcels, including ePackets, can be tracked using the Ship24 tracking API. This is especially important as multiple carriers often handle ePackets as they progress on their delivery route from the aforementioned to overseas destinations. Keeping track of an ePacket's cross-border journey is made easy with Ship24's tracking API, which will only require the original tracking number given upon purchase to give you all the relevant information regarding your package.

Can my tracking API track an abnormal-sized or weighted package sent through China Post?

The Ship24 tracking system can track all registered parcels sent with China Post, no matter what their transportation method is, destination or dimensions. However, buyers and sellers should be aware of the requirements stated by China Post before attempting to buy, sell or ship an order. Below is a list of the specifications for standard postal services:

  • Weight: The weight of the package being shipped must not exceed 2 kg (4.4l BS). This weight takes into account the weight of the item inside, any filler, the box, and all other packaging material. The only exception to this weight rule is for Israel, the place the applications can weigh up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs.).
  • Value: The total value of an item shipped cannot exceed $400 and can only be shipped to one of the international locations eligible for high-value order delivery.
  • Minimum Package Size: A normal packet must be greater than 14cm in size and bigger than 11cm in width, with a diameter plus length over 17 cm. However, a larger box to fit the specifications can be used as long as it is filled out padding to protect the item inside.
  • Maximum Package Size: China Post advises that the longest side of a package should not exceed 60cm. Also, the sum of length, width, and height should not exceed 90cm.

China Post parcel rates are especially popular with customers due to the low rates they offer. In recognition of this, Ship24 has made all registered China Post parcels trackable on its website, in reflection of the popularity of the site. In fact, the most popular and well-used couriers and shipping services are covered by Ship24, with over 700 and counting currently scanned instantly with the Ship24 tracking API system.

What do Ship24 API tracking events mean regarding my China Post parcel?

When you are tracking a parcel with the China Post, you may come across a number of different tracking "event" updates. This means that if an event - or change in the status or location of your package - you will be notified of through the Ship24 tracking app or China Post tracking page. Again, users are advised to check the former first to get the complete and most up to date tracking information on their package, due to the fact the Ship24 tracking API can check not only the China Post tracking system itself but will also scan hundreds of potential subcontracting companies used by the China Post to find the latest information relevant to your parcel, in as near real-time as possible.

Nonetheless, examples of the type of parcel tracking "events" can be found below, to give you an idea of some of the most common you can expect while your parcel is in transit. Note: all of the below can and will be revealed by the Ship24 tracking API if you make a call to it requesting available information on your China Post package.

Event update examples:

  • Your parcel has been handed over to the carrier.
  • Your parcel has been dispatched or left its country of origin.
  • Your parcel has reached its destination country and is currently with customs.
  • Your parcel has reached its destination country and is domestic transit.
  • Your parcel is in transit.

How do I contact China Post with an issue over my parcel?

Issues or problems regarding your parcel can be resolved by contacting the China Post Tracking Customer service number directly. Callers should be aware that the operating hours of the customer service line are set, and therefore will vary between time zones according to the origin of your call. To enquire on about your package using the telephone line, please note the following opening hours:

For calls to China Post's main customer service line, please dial:

  • +86 11185 or +86 11183 any day of the week between 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM GMT+8

To email China Post customer services, please email the following address:

  • Email: (be advised that this has yielded longer and fewer response times than the former option)

Alternatively, if you want to track directly with the official website of China Post.

Ship24's tracking API for businesses is simply there to provide you with optimal tracking information for your parcel. Issues or suggestions involving the handling of your package with the China Post should be taken up with the postal service directly.

When contacting the China Post or China Post EMS regarding your parcel, having the latest information on your parcel (including the latest status and current location via Ship24) will help fast-track your query with them. Remember to have the tracking number to hand when making contact for the fastest possible resolution time, and when the issue has been resolved, be sure to revisit Ship24 to check that your parcel is on the move again if necessary.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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