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Universal Parcel Tracking API for UPS

UPS is one of the leading parcel delivery and logistic solutions companies in North America. If you need comprehensive parcel tracking covering all UPS shipping, check out our universal parcel tracking API designed specifically for businesses.

Universal Parcel Tracking API for UPS

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UPS is one of the leading parcel delivery and logistic solutions companies in North America. To get comprehensive parcel tracking covering all UPS shipments, check out Ship24's universal parcel tracking API designed specifically for businesses. Start integrating UPS parcel tracking API into your site in a couple of minutes with Ship24.

What does the Ship24 tracking API offer UPS customers?

UPS handles millions of parcels every year, including those sent by and for business. Subsequently, those businesses need a powerful tracking API solution to make sure they keep full visibility over the flow of goods. Whether it be a B2C order they have just shipped out, an important B2B restock, or any other reason, a reliable tracking API is essential.

Sometimes, tracing directly with UPS is not possible, especially where parcels that are bound overseas (outside of America) or are being imported are concerned, due to the fact that often 3PL logistics and carriers will be involved in the transit of the parcel.

This is where multicarrier tracking applications like Ship24 have proved the best business solution. Ship24 tracks more than one thousand different couriers, logistics companies, marketplaces, and more to find the latest information on your package.

Ship24 Tracking API Benefits

By utilizing the powerful Ship24 tracking API, you are getting:

  • International UPS tracking API capability with universal scope.
  • Multi-courier, postal, and e-tailer coverage, allows you to keep tracking your parcel no matter the origin or final destination.
  • One hundred per cent of any tracking notification that should occur concerning your package, with the latest information regarding the location and status of your parcel delivered in as close to real-time as possible, meaning you are never out of the loop.
  • Built-in AI-machine learning
  • Tracking number auto recognition, meaning you don't need to enter the courier or couriers that will be handling your parcel. Just enter your tracking number and our platform will do the hard work, pulling all the relevant data surrounding your package from the web.

How can I get Ship24 tracking API to track UPS parcels?

To get Ship24 tracking API onto your tracking site, you first need to create an account on Ship24 or log into one if you already have one. The next step would be to go to the tracking API page and choose a plan. There are two plans that you can use to track UPS parcels, there is the "per-call" plan and the "per-shipment" plan.

Subscribing to any of those plans will give you 100 free per-call requests or 10 free tracked shipments. Our team of experts recommend subscribing to the "per-shipment" plan as it offers extensive features as well as a cost-effective price and a faster relay of information.

When you have chosen a plan, head on over to the Ship24 dashboard and there should be documentation that will guide you on the integration of the tracking API onto your tracking site. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions regarding the integration of tracking API.

Once you have finished using up your free trials and if you decide to acquire a large volume of requests, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts to help assist you with that.

On the other hand, you can include the Shipment Tracking Dashboard in your per-shipment plan to make the most out of our tracking API services. It is a great way to quickly track and add your shipments as well as get extensive benefits to further increase your experience when tracking your parcels and shipments.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Are UPS package tracking API free on Ship24?

Ship24 offers 10 free trials after creating an account and subscribing to our "per-call" or "per-shipment" plan for the UPS tracking API. When all the free tracking shipment trials are used, we offer an affordable cost to continue our tracking API services every month.

For the "per-shipment" plan, it costs as low as $39/month for 1,000 tracking shipments while the "per-call" plan costs as low as $99/month for 10,000 shipments. You can request up to 1,000,000 tracking APIs and if you require more, don't hesitate to contact our in-house support team.

You can also get updates when you integrate from our DHL package tracking API, FedEx package tracking API, USPS package tracking API, and many other private and postal couriers that are supported by the universal tracking tool, Ship24.

How long does UPS package tracking API take to integrate?

Not only does our UPS tracking API offer all of the above, but our expert team can get your system integrated within minutes, allowing you to access comprehensive tracking services as quickly as possible.

To find out more, contact us today and take your tracking capability to the next level. Find more about our competitive pricing plans and webhook solutions or try a free plan today and test the best for yourself!

What do tracking API status updates look like for UPS parcels?

Once a parcel has been sent by a seller, you will be able to access updates on your UPS parcel through the Ship24 tracking API with your UPS tracking numbers.

The tracking number, which is specific to your parcel, will be taken by the Ship24 universal tracking API system and it will trace and find your parcel wherever it may be. As part of the tracking API, you will also receive notifications - or event updates - in regard to the status of your parcel.

UPS Parcel Tracking Updates

Some of the parcel tracking updates you will receive from UPS are shown below:

Tracking Updates Description
Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet. The tracking number is in the system and has been declared via the sender, but has not yet been handed over to UPS.
Departed from Facility The parcel has left a UPS warehouse.
Out For Delivery Today The parcel is on its way to your doorstep and will be delivered to you soon.
DELIVERED The parcel has been delivered to you.

If you have any further questions regarding status updates, which are provided by UPS and passed on instantly through the Ship24 tracking app, buyers are encouraged to contact the UPS customer service centre with their queries.

Can a tracking API track my UPS international shipment and parcel delivery?

No matter where your parcel is around the world, you can ensure that Ship24's tracking API can give you tracking updates on your international parcel. A tracking update is given for every event that occurs, so when there's a tracking event that occurs, Ship24 will automatically detect the status of that parcel and in return, give you the current status, be it anywhere around the world.

Will a UPS tracking API speed up my parcel delivery?

Not only will our UPS tracking API keep you notified with the most up-to-date information regarding the location of where your parcel is, but our UPS tracking API also provides an update on the status of your parcel, meaning you can use our UPS tracking API information to deal with any unforeseen issues that may arrive during the journey of your package.

This comes in handy should an error or delay occur during the delivery of your parcel. For instance, if your parcel status reads something along the lines of 'customs processing error' it could mean that your package has been seized by customs. This could occur if the parcel in question contains a prohibited item or there is outstanding tax owed on the delivery before it can be released (Value Added Tax may be owed on purchases being imported from other countries).

Make sure you double-check the prohibited items list for both UPS and the country to which you are sending to ensure your package does not contain anything which could be seized along its journey. Equally, make sure you are fully aware of any hidden fees, such as outstanding VAT, which may be payable upon import. For VAT solutions on imports to Europe, make sure to check out our EU VAT solutions on our dedicated IOSS page.

How long do I have to wait for tracking API to update my UPS shipment?

The response time for each tracking API may vary but Ship24's tracking API is considered to have one of the most reliable and fastest response times in the market. With its advanced tracking services, getting the latest tracking information is seamless.

The courier is responsible for giving the latest event of the parcel. Only then can the status of the parcel become accessible when you track it.

Do note that sometimes, you will not be receiving any tracking updates as it takes around 24 to 48 hours for the courier to register and process your parcels.

What UPS packages can be tracked with a tracking API?

Ship24 can track all UPS parcels and packages with its comprehensive tracking API system. Like UPS, it operates worldwide so by using Ship24 parcel tracking you are able to track any parcel posted with them anywhere in the world.

UPS is a leading parcel delivery service that started in the United States. UPS shortened its name in line with other competitors - such as FedEx and DHL - from its original founding name, the United Parcel Service. Since being founded, it has grown exponentially and offers UPS universal shipping options via its air and land fleet.

The UPS brand incorporates many different subdivisions and subsidiaries alongside its main package delivery operations. These include UPS Airlines, which is the company cargo airline), UPS Freight, a freight-based trucking operation, and the newest company addition, UPS Flight Forward is a delivery drone airline.

UPS Package Delivery Operations

UPS reports its operations in three segments:

  • U.S. Domestic Package Operations
  • International Package Operations
  • Supply Chain and Freight Operations

However, the primary business of UPS is the guaranteed delivery of packages and documents worldwide within fixed timeframes.

Which tracking API can trace UPS as well as other couriers?

Tracking API capabilities are essential for businesses that need to know the exact location of their shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although there are in-house tracking options available from UPS, they do not necessarily cover subcontracted courier delivery companies used by the company to deliver packages and therefore businesses are turning to universal shipment tracking specialists who don't drop the ball no matter how many times a parcel should change hands.

One such tracking specialist is Ship24, which offers all of the features of tracking through a courier company, with any carrier company, at any time and anywhere.

Ship24 is a market leader for shipment tracking API, with its universal tracking API system connected with thousands of shops, couriers, and postal services ensuring that it can effectively track UPS parcels globally while providing the latest status event on their packages.

Previously, businesses had to take to UPS to get tracking updates, but now businesses connected to the Ship24 global tracking API get all notifications and updates directly. Covering hundreds of couriers, whatever the location and the status of the parcel businesses using this service are enjoying universal tracking from the Ship24 tracking API.

Which is the best global tracking API to track my UPS parcel in real-time?

As the courier and postal service sector continues to become ultra-competitive, consumers, buyers, and sellers are constantly switching handlers in order to find the best. Modern technological advancements coupled with the growing presence of online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms have meant that couriers are having to up their game, with many now providing solid tracking options via their websites.

Unfortunately, as able as these tracking options are to trace parcels and packages, they do not offer a universal solution to track. Essentially, businesses don't want to put all their eggs in one basket! In 2019, UPS went up against some market-leading courier heavyweights and the jury is out on who is the best year-on-year, making sticking with one courier not only a tough choice but potentially a bad business move should their services be less efficient than a rival. Some of UPS' rivals are DHL, USPS, FedEx, OnTrac, and Purolator.

Although choosing between couriers might be a difficult decision, the good news is, that choosing a tracking API isn't. By linking to the Ship24 tracking API system, businesses can keep track of their parcels no matter who their parcel is sent with.

The Ship24 universal tracking API is subsequently, the solution for businesses looking to optimize their tracking capability, leaving them free to choose the leading courier.

Can the tracking API track Sunday UPS deliveries?

The universal Ship24 tracking API can track UPS parcels all seven days of the week and at any point during the day. However, the UPS service does not deliver on Sundays so therefore no delivery notifications will be received on Sundays.

UPS does deliver parcels on Saturdays, but this is a specific service that will need to be opted for when sending a parcel with UPS and will need to bear a Saturday delivery sticker on the shipment or package. Also, any order or item returns posted via UPS will only have the option for a Saturday delivery if it is within the United States only.

When a buyer purchases and the order is handled by UPS, an estimated delivery time will be calculated by UPS. However, actual delivery times may vary.

Note that the actual delivery time can be shorter if the real shipping time exceeds the guaranteed shipping time. I.e. due to service failure, then the parcel paid will be returned to the customer.

How do I track my Amazon order if it is handled by UPS?

Amazon uses lots of different couriers to deliver products from its platform globally, including UPS. Amazon Prime packages particularly often are sent using the UPS package delivery service. The only time Amazon Prime products are not sent via UPS is when there is an unusually high number of orders and package delivery must be shared with other couriers, such as on national sales day Black Friday, or in the unlikely event that UPS does not deliver to the desired location.

However, in most cases, Amazon chooses the courier service from the following considerations.

Amazon Courier Service

  • Parcel Size weight.
  • Value of the Parcel.
  • Requested Delivery Frame.
  • Final Amazon Free Shipping v/s Amazon Prime Shipping

Ultimately, the choice of a courier (UPS, USPS, DHL, or another local carrier) depends on a combination of the above. Regardless of which courier is chosen, all tracking needs can be fulfilled by the Ship24 universal tracking system, which searches multiple couriers with the tracking number provided by Amazon, to identify not only who your package is being handled by, but where it is and what the status of the parcel is, instantly.

Does a tracking API help find a UPS package?

It is now super simple to track your UPS package location and status with the Ship24 online tracking number search bar. All you need to get started is the UPS tracking number which should be provided by the seller as soon as the order is dispatched with UPS. Please note, that tracking numbers will vary depending on the shipping method, size and weight of the parcel, and its final destination.

To help customers identify their tracking number, the most common UPS tracking numbers start with 1Z and end with a number of digits. Here is an example of a UPS tracking number: 1Z5 825 AV2 40 2224 416. You can head to the Ship24 page and enter it to get the latest details regarding your UPS package.

How can I track a UPS parcel with a Tracking API?

When you send a parcel through UPS, a UPS tracking number will be given to you. With the UPS tracking number, you can enter it on a tracking website like Ship24. Upon entering the tracking number, Ship24 will use a tracking API to find results and updates regarding your UPS parcel. Once Ship24 has recognised the tracking pattern, it will show recent updates of your UPS parcel.

Updates such as current location and estimated time of arrival will be shown by Ship24's UPS tracking API.

Does a tracking API work for B2B UPS shipments?

When business-to-business shipments are being sent, businesses require a step above in terms of shipment tracking capability, with most opting to integrate with a tracking API directly. A leading provider of a universal tracking API, Ship24, offers one of the market-leading global parcel tracking services.

Can you name a tracking API that works for B2B shipments through UPS?

When business-to-business shipment tracking is needed, then a business is naturally looking to get the best shipment tracking option possible. Keeping track of parcels relating to business is of the utmost importance, which is why among the many sub-parr options on the market, Ship24's powerful, universal tracking API is providing a step up in terms of tracking capabilities.

Not only can it track UPS, but over seven hundred other couriers also along with thousands of shops. This is why it is one of the leading providers of global parcel tracking for UPS parcels and other couriers with businesses.

Integrating your business with the Ship24 tracking API system is a straightforward process because it has been developed specifically to fast-track this stage, to get businesses on board as soon as possible.

After a short configuration and test exercise, the Ship24 tracking API system is ready to deliver high-level tracking capabilities to your business, whether to track a parcel with UPS or any other courier.

Why have I not gotten a UPS parcel update with my global tracking API?

While the Ship24 parcel tracking API will give you updates instantly on any change in a package's status, if you believe your parcel or package is delayed, then contacting the courier to chase up the reason is the best option. This can be done by contacting UPS directly via their website, email, or phone number, depending on the country you are making the query from.

It should be noted, however, that the Ship24 tracking API will always have the latest tracking information on your parcel's status and location, so buyers are encouraged to check with the Ship24 tracking tool to see the most up-to-date information on their package before proceeding accordingly with that information.

If they contact UPS knowing the current status and location of their parcel, along with the tracking code, UPS will be able to better help customers in their queries. Rest assured that whatever the situation, with Ship24 global tracking API, you will always have all tracking information related to your UPS parcel.

Are universal tracking APIs able to track my UPS parcel?

UPS is a leading parcel delivery company that is known for providing a reliable global service. With this said, UPS specializes in parcel delivery, not parcel tracking, and when you want to track a package, going with a leading shipment tracking company is key to getting the best universal tracking service.

Ship24's tracking API is designed specifically for business to businesses orders, with its universal tracking API system allowing real-time tracking of your UPS parcel globally, regardless of the handler changing at any time during its route.

Any business integrated and connected with the UPS tracking API from Ship24 will be notified of any status event regarding their UPS package. In short, it optimizes tracking for any business or enterprise. When it comes to tracking APIs, Ship24 is a leading provider.

How do I find out what my tracking API updates mean for my UPS parcel?

All UPS products can be tracked through the Ship24 global tracking API. Buyers should be advised that updates provided on your UPS delivery through the Ship24 tracking API will be event updates sent by the carrier. In order to know what these event updates mean and understand your UPS parcel tracking more effectively.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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