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Does Ship24 offer China to Germany shipping options?

Ship24's Ship from China service is a great way to ship parcels to Germany China, offering free parcel pick-up in over 120 cities across the mainland, fixed pricing, and fast and reliable shipping. Indeed, Ship24's Ship from China service includes shipping options from China to more than 40 countries worldwide, with free universal tracking provided as standard.

The service is available only for customers located inside China and weight and item restrictions on parcels may apply.

What is the best China to Germany shipping method?

There are a number of different options when it comes to shipping your parcel from China to Germany. Different couriers offer different options depending on the specific delivery service you require. Some of these different options can be found below:

  • Express or air shipping from China to Germany. This is for customers who would like to receive a parcel from China urgently, as delivery via air is the fastest delivery method. However, delivery by air is also the most expensive delivery method and is only used by customers who require items urgently. Delivery times for this method can take as little as 24 hours but are usually delivered within 48.
  • Heavy shipping. Heavy shipments from China to Germany are usually made by sea as it is the best way to transport heavy or volumes of items/products. As it is the slowest option, it is usually the cheapest. Delivery times for this method can take 12 to 30 days, and even more depending on the remoteness of the destination. Usually, shipped items will be handed to multiple handlers as they pass through different regions.
  • Standard shipping. This method is usually done by a combination of the aforementioned but predominantly by road and is the best balance between cost-effectiveness and speed. Most standard shipping from China to Germany takes around 8-10 days. The Ship from China service offers one of the fastest delivery turnarounds from China to Germany, averaging about 8 days end-to-end.

Choosing a method of delivery will depend on the individual needs of the buyer. If you want urgent delivery, it is best to go with a courier who can offer express services. If you want to move a large number of items at once, then it is best to go down the shipping route and look for a handler that can move heavy and large objects all at once. When it comes to standard shipping options for small to medium-sized parcels under 2kg, the best choice is with Ship24's Ship from China service.

The Ship from China service offers a prompt and secure delivery, an easy-to-use booking service with free parcel pick-up as standard and competitive delivery times.

How do I ship from China to Germany with the Ship24 service?

To order you China to Germany shipping with Ship24 today, you just need to follow these easy steps:

  • Enter Ship24 on google to find out website
  • Click on our website
  • Click on "Ship from China" icon in the top menu on the top right in the homepage
  • When you are ready to send your parcel, click on "Send parcel now".
  • Fill in relevant information (such as your details, the recipient details, the payment information on our secure payment system and the parcel details)
  • All you have to do then is await parcel pick-up from one of our partners and you can begin tracking your parcel to its destination, all from the Ship24 website!

(Please note, if you wish to pay via WeChat or Alipay then you will need to have a Chinese National ID card. Other payments done via card can be done with just a passport number).

How long does shipping from China to Germany take?

The service offers a shipment delivery time from China to Germany in 8 days on average. This is actually the average delivery turnaround on the over 40 countries Ship24 delivers too.

Ship from China can have picked up and delivered parcels within 5 or 6 days sometimes, meaning our average delivery times are better than most other international couriers shipping from China to international destinations.

However, those wanting to ship from China to Germany should be aware of doing so during peak days, such as Chinese New Year or other national holidays as shipping can take longer.

If you need to ship a parcel within a certain timeframe around these periods, you may want to consider an express or guaranteed delivery option. Either way, even if parcels offer guaranteed delivery time then it does not 100 percent mean their parcel will arrive during the busiest periods. With some offering refunds if not delivered in time. The best option is to note when delays are likely and send your package well in advance with the standard shipping option from Ship24.

Unfortunately, other delivery events can cause unpredictable delays too, such as floods or other meteorological occurrences. Nonetheless, you typically shouldn't have to wait more than 10 days to receive the package at the final destination.

What does it cost to ship from China to Germany?

For standard shipping, Ship24 offers among the cheapest options for shipping from China to Germany. Its fixed four prices depend on weight alone, and not the destination or pick-up point, as long as they are covered by our pick-up partners.

However, shipping needs vary, and therefore it is good to break down the comparison between shipping options in order to make the right decision. This is especially important when more and more people are looking into shipping from China to Germany. Indeed, it is not an easy task to find a shipping delivery company able to provide both a cheap price and short shipping delivery timeframes.

If you are shipping a package that is over 2 kilograms and/or you need your package within 24 or 48 hours, you should look to other private couriers which offer a broader range of services. If you are shipping a package from China to Germany that is 2 kilograms or under, and you can wait between 5 to 10 days (with average delivery to all countries being 8, including Germany) then the Ship to China service from Ship24 is the best choice. Shipping from China to Germany at this weight and within this timeframe is what the Ship from China service specializes in, delivering fast shipping for a reasonable.

The four different fixed shipping prices from China to Germany are as follows:

  • Up to 500g, the shipping from China to Germany's price is 99 RMB (approximately US$14,50).
  • Up to 1kg, you will have to pay 149 RMB (approximately US$21,80) for your shipping.
  • Up to 1,5kg, the shipping price from China to Germany is 199 RMB (approximately US$29,10).
  • Up to 2kg, the shipping rate from China to Germany is 249 RMB (approximately US$36,40).

How can I purchase shipping with Ship from China?

We accept a number of different payment methods, including all major cards (JCB, Visa, , American Express, Mastercard, Diners Club, and Discover). Also, if you are a Chinese national and have an ID card, you can pay by WeChat and Alipay.

Can I track my parcel from China to Germany?

To track your parcel universally, all the way from China to Germany, no matter the route your parcel takes, use Ship24. Tracking your parcel with Ship24 from China to Germany will let you know every event detail throughout the delivery process, the name of the handler/s, the status of your order, and the current location of your package.

As well as offering shipping from China to Germany, Ship24 also has a powerful tracking engine that can track almost any package universally. It is also guaranteed to be able to track any package sent through our partners end-to-end.

Therefore, tracking your parcel is really easy. Just enter the tracking number (which can be found in the email you received upon purchasing Ship from China delivery services to Germany) on the Ship24 homepage and get information on your parcel straightaway.

If you have any doubts or general questions, you can always contact Ship24 through the contact page and one of our expert agents will do their best to solve your issue or answer any questions you might have about either the global tracking services, the Ship from China service, or any other query.

How does the pick-up service work for my Ship from China order?

Once you have placed your order through the Ship24 website for your shipping from China to Germany service, one of the agents will call you by phone, in Chinese, to fix a pick-up time for your parcel at the given address. Then, you just need to wait for the pick-up agent to come and collect the parcel at your place at your chosen time. This service is free, and unlike other couriers, you don't need to bring your package anymore to a certain location.

No longer do you need to queue at the local post-office branch or try to find a remotely located warehouse to drop off your package. Ship24's Ship from China service does the hard work, so you just need to sit back, wait for your parcel to be collected, and begin tracking whenever you like, all with Ship24.

What will the import tax cost me when shipping from China to Germany?

When you send a package from China to Germany, you will only have to pay import tax to German customs authorities if the total value of your package exceeds the maximum threshold fixed by the authorities or if the declared parcel value is wrong and your parcel is valued higher than stated. To avoid the former, senders should note that all European countries, Germany included, have a fixed maximum value at 22 euros.
It means that if the total value of your parcel exceeds 22 euros, which can happen, you will have to pay import tax.

To avoid the latter, if you wrongly declared the total value of your package, at least the receiver or both the receiver and sender will need to pay for the import tax due on the parcel.

For frequent senders, it is always recommended to check the minimum threshold fixed by Europe, in case of a threshold change. This is because neither the courier company nor Ship24 are responsible for a possible modification. It is the responsibility of the sender in order to avoid any added costs when shipping from China to Germany, or indeed any other European country.

What can I not send to Germany from China with Ship24?

If you use the Ship from China service for your shipping from China to Germany, you must not send any item on the list or you risk your parcel being rejected. Every parcel is scanned through an X-Ray machine to reveal its contents so all prohibited products will be rejected. The following items are banned from being sent either because they are dangerous, pose a risk to handlers or sending is not advisable.

Please consult the list below to check you are not sending any items which are prohibited by Ship24's Ship from China service:

  • Batteries and electronic products with batteries (mobile phones, computers... )
  • Liquids, powder, and paste (liquid cosmetics, toothpaste, capsule drugs,... )
  • Weapons (hand weapons, imitation weapons, any guns, live ammunition)
  • Magnetic goods (speakers or products with strong magnetic fields)
  • Hazardous goods (compressed gas products, erosive, toxic gas, flammable, corrosive, etc)
  • Some categories of products (adult or 'blue' products, drones, electronic cigarettes, etc... )
  • Perishable products (food, plants, all live animals)
  • Documents (currencies, publications, imitation cards, etc... )

Just the same as keeping up to date with import tax changes, senders should also regularly check with the prohibited items list to ensure they are not sending any banned items and to avoid any issue and added costs. This shortlist is only for items banned from being shipped with Ship24 and there may be more items that are banned by the country of destination. Checking with the destination country is always advisable, including when shipping from China to Germany.

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