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DHL IOSS solutions for businesses

The new Import One Stop Shop system, which will see streamlined delivery and full simplified VAT payments, is set to benefit all businesses who export goods to the EU. Find out how to register for the IOSS scheme with Ship24.

DHL IOSS solutions for businesses

What do I need to know about using IOSS with DHL?

In 2021, the 22-euro tax exemption in the EU was been removed and now all goods imported into the European Union are subject to VAT. Also introduced wast the Import One-Stop-Shop system, which is a new system designed to fast-track the import of B2C goods which cost 150 EUR or less.

This new model will see the payment of VAT made at the point of purchase, with the seller (marketplace or e-tailer) responsible for collecting and reporting that VAT. If the seller is not based in the EU, they will need to register for the scheme via an IOSS intermediary - which is registered within the EU - which will pay the owed VAT on their behalf. If the company is established in the EU, then it can still hire an IOSS intermediary, or it can choose to pay VAT directly to the relevant authorities, which is simply known as the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) system. Under the IOSS, sellers must pay the monthly owed VAT to the EU, whether via an IOSS fiscal representative or directly, to meet the obligations of the new system, which they will have collected from customers at the point of sale.

The benefits of this scheme include a single EU VAT registration which covers all 27 member states. This is hugely beneficial over the previous system, which required VAT registration in each country in which goods are sold (and is still the case for those who do not sign up to the new IOSS system).

How will DHL IOSS shipments be different?

As part of the new rules and IOSS system, all imported goods will need an official "Customs Declaration" to pass into the EU. In order to ship IOSS DHL parcels, it is essential that companies submit complete accurate commercial/pro forma invoice data electronically to DHL.

The data they submit to the DHL will also have to be recorded and submitted to the IOSS fiscal intermediary of the business or marketplace sending goods to buyers in the European Union. This can only be done once an IOSS intermediary (also referred to as a representative) has been appointed. Ship24 offers complete IOSS intermediary services available for any business or marketplace, with full EU representation to for VAT declarations and payments. If you want to ensure a smooth transition to the the IOSS system, find out why businesses and marketplaces are choosing Ship24 for their IOSS solutions on our dedicated page.

For more information on DHL requirements for shipping DHL IOSS parcels, please check on the IOSS shipping requirements on the DHL website.

What are the DHL VAT payment solutions?

You have two options regarding VAT payment. As the IOSS scheme is optional, you can still opt to not register for the scheme and not charge the customer VAT at the point of payment.

If you choose this method and need to pay VAT, DHL will either bill your DHL account for the outstanding VAT or it will need to be paid before it can be passed through customs in the EU.

If you are registered for the IOSS or OSS scheme and the VAT has already been paid (as the VAT was paid at the point of sale), then all fees are paid, and delivery can go ahead unhindered.

How will the new EU VAT rules affect my DHL parcels?

DHL has ensured their customers are ready for the transition to IOSS by providing a number of updates on what using IOSS will mean when it comes to using the DHL service. Buyers shuld note that the VAT owed is determined by the rate in the EU counry in which the buyer is located. Goods can be shipped into any European country but the VAT applicable to where goods will be finally delivered. All deliveries will need to have an IOSS VAT reference number attached to their parcel in order to be identified by EU customs.

If you want detailed information on the new EU VAT rules and how they will affect sending IOSS DHL parcels, then check out the overview page directly on the DHL website. For more information on how to obtain an IOSS number check out our dedicated page or find complete IOSS solutions from Ship24 on the solutions tab at the top of the page.

How long does it take for IOSS DHL packages to be delivered?

Usually, the average time it takes for a DHL Express delivery is 1-6 working days, with the biggest delays surrounding DHL parcels delivered being hold-ups at customs due to outstanding VAT payments, which need to be paid by customers.

This process has been proven a headache for all parties involved in shipping, for DHL (who often cover the VAT payments in order to ship items and are subsequently left needing to be reimbursed), to buyers who face longer delivery turnarounds to sellers who feel the wrath of poor post-purchase customer experiences on their review pages.

The IOSS solution aims to put an end to customs delays with fast-track "green-lighting" processing at customs borders on IOSS DHL packages, hopefully improving the shipping experience for all stakeholders.

Also, the IOSS system aims to improve transparency, with upfront VAT fees presented and paid for at the point of sale putting an end to the chance of 'hidden fees' occurring, which also impact delivery times and consumer post-purchase experiences.

Indeed, DHL - as one of the leading courier delivery companies in the world - will be very much interested in ensuring its customers enjoy the path of least resistance when it comes to the IOSS transition and shipping DHL IOSS parcels.

What do I need to do to ship DHL IOSS parcels?

It is important for customers to note that any goods shipped into the European Union (EU) will require a formal declaration too customs for each shipment.

This will be an accurate description of all goods and contents, including an itemized value list on a formal Invoice. Please make sure anyone wanting to send a DHL IOSS parcel have fully checked the terms and conditions as stated by DHL to ensure customs clearance goes smoothly.

Please note, all relevant data must be transmitted electronically to DHL Express.

Can I track IOSS DHL parcels?

Yes. You can track all registered DHL IOSS mail internationally with Ship24, whether sent under the new Import One-Stop-Shop system or otherwise.

Indeed, introduction of the new IOSS import scheme in the EU has left many wondering if they can still track DHL IOSS parcels being sent from and delivered in the European Union. While the scheme is optional for merchants who sell both in and to EU-buyers, those who are seeking to track IOSS DHL packages can always do so with Ship24.

Where should I track my IOSS DHL parcel?

There are many advantages of tracking a DHL parcel through Ship24 rather than through the DHL website. For instance, DHL partners with lots of different couriers worldwide meaning that tracking from some locations could be difficult. This is where Ship24 offers an advantage for businesses, specifically through its professional tracking options, which include tracking Webhook and package tracking API functionality.

Ship24's universal tracking works by scanning thousands of couriers worldwide simultaneously to find information on your package regardless of who the current handler is. So, when it comes to DHL IOSS parcels, which may be coming handled initially by other international couriers for dispatch, such as China Post, 4PX, Cainiao or Russia Post, then you can ensure you still have end-to-end tracking with Ship24.

What will my DHL IOSS tracking number look like?

If your DHL parcel is sent under the IOSS import system, the tracking number will likely still remain similar to the number format that exists today. Most DHL parcel tracking numbers are around 10 characters long and contain both numbers and letters, such as the following examples:

  • GM 5739343974 RX
  • LX 49573049753 LX

How will DHL know my parcel is a DHL IOSS parcel?

The new IOSS scheme will involve a 'green lighting' process which will allow IOSS packages to be fast-tracked through customs, ultimately offering faster delivery times. IOSS DHL parcels will be marked differently to ensure that customs receiving DHL IOSS packages knows that the VAT tax is already paid and that these parcels can be processed quickly by the relevant customs authorities.

Please note, parcels cannot be tracked using a DHL IOSS number. You will need to have your DHL tracking number in order to track your DHL IOSS parcel. In fact, with Ship24 you can track your parcel whether or not it is sent to the EU under the IOSS, OSS or any other means of VAT postage.

How do I contact DHL for IOSS?

You can contact DHL for IOSS information on their email at track@dhl.com, via one of their social media channels or by calling their customer service line on 0844 248 0844.

If you are contacting DHL IOSS package tracking, then make sure you try tracking your package on Ship24, so you can give their customer service team the latest information on the location and status of your parcel when getting into contact.

Will tracking information be delivered faster for IOSS DHL parcels?

DHL uses electronic devices at its various depots, handling centers and transportation to check in and out parcels being sent with DHL. Once new tracking information becomes available (as it passes through a checkpoint), this information will be available on Ship24 for users tracking their DHL IOSS parcel. With the IOSS system promising faster delivery times on DHL IOSS packages, users can look forward to getting tracking information so they can see for themselves just how fast their package is delivered.

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