Allegro tracking

Allegro tracking


Get the latest tracking updates of your Allegro orders by entering your Allegro tracking numbers on the Ship24 homepage. Track up to 10 Allegro tracking numbers and get the results instantly. It is the best way to know where and when your Allegro orders are arriving.

Allegro package tracking

What is Allegro?

Allegro is a famous polish online e-commerce platform created in 1999. It is the leading marketplace in Poland that contributed the most to the growth of the country and today when sellers want to trade via Allegro, they must have a polish website. Indeed, in some European countries, people use more international and especially American marketplaces such as Amazon, in Poland, Allegro is the number one.

Even if Allegro is mainly used in Poland, in 2016, the marketplace already had more than 16 million active users (which was approximately half of the Polish population) and more than 20 million accounts created.

Allegro is part of the Allegro Group, a major e-commerce company that also owns the price comparison website Ceneo, the online payment system PayU and other popular polish services like Banker and OtoMoto.

In 2020, more than 140,000 companies sell their products using Allegro and a lot of them prefer relying on the polish platform rather than creating their own online shops.

Today, Allegro is ranked 10 among the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world and currently employs more than 1800 people experts in technology who work in Poznań, Toruń, Kraków, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Where is located Allegro?

Allegro headquarters are located in Poznań in Poland, more precisely at the following address: sp. Z o. O.
Ul. Grunwaldzka 182
60-166 Poznań

The company is entered into the register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court of Poznań.

What can I find on Allegro?

On the Allegro platform, the buyer will find more than a thousand Polish professional and registered companies: importers, stores, distributors and manufacturers. Small and medium polish enterprises sell their products on the platform but are also the world’s biggest brands. Every day, 1,2 million products are sold on Allegro and 95% of these products are new items sold at a fixed price with a warranty and insurance.

Allegro’s website also offers online financial services (for example the 0% instalments or again the renewable instalments Raty Od.nowa) and leasing.

How do I track Allegro orders?

Ship24 allows the buyer to inquire about his Allegro order tracking by entering the Allegro tracking number in the search bar of the website. For more precisions regarding the Allegro tracking status, we recommend the buyer directly ask the seller of the product.

Ship24 can track more than 1,200 couriers and more than 10,000 online stores around the world. So whether you are tracking couriers such as DHL, FedEx, La Poste, Royal Mail, etc. with your Allegro tracking number, you can expect Ship24 to give you all the tracking updates that you need for your Allegro orders.

Ship24 can also track marketplaces globally like tracking your Vinted, Cdiscount, eBay, and even your TikTok orders. Ship24 is the best choice for tracking your Allegro orders since you can track up to 10 Allegro tracking numbers simultaneously and get your tracking results within a few seconds and all at the same time.

The buyer can also go on the Allegro website and click on “Pytanie do sprzedaj cego” (“ask the seller a question”), this can be very useful, especially for anything related to the shipment abroad.

Does Allegro sell internationally?

Most of the Allegro packages are delivered domestically by the local post of Poland, Poczta Polska. A majority of sellers present on the platform don’t deliver outside Poland and they don’t take charge of overseas delivery. When the buyer will see delivery costs on the Allegro website, these prices correspond to local delivery in Poland.

From there, the buyer will have two possibilities for the delivery: he will choose between Kurier (courier) and Poczta Polska (which most of the time has longer delivery waiting times).

However, since 2006, Allegro tries to expand its business to other countries through other websites: in Hungary, in Ukraine, in the Czech Republic or again in Russia.

What is the “same day delivery” on Allegro?

Allegro recently launch a new service in several large cities in Poland. It is indeed possible now for the buyers to receive their package on the same day they ordered.

The seller of the article will specify a certain time, for example, 10.30 am, and if the buyer makes the purchase before the time specified, the courier will bring their delivery the same day, between 6 pm and 10 pm by X-Press couriers. Today and for the moment, this option is available for the residents of Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznań and Łódź.

This option is available with the dealers who provide the Courier X-Press delivery method and the buyer can order one package of 30 kilos that can be separated in many items. Different sellers set different hours and if the buyer places an order after the given time, the package will arrive the next day between 6 pm and 10 pm.

This system of delivery isn’t free and the buyers have two options of payment, the payment in advance which costs 19,99 PLN and the payment on delivery which costs 22,89 PLN.

Buyers can also have a look at their order tracking with this “same-day delivery” option. They can check at any time what is happening with their package on the platform Allegro. When the order status change, Allegro sends an email and an SMS notification to the buyers.

How does the Allegro promotional program work?

Some companies propose to collect points that the buyer can exchange then for an item proposed in a list in the catalogue. Allegro proposes a different system: when people buy through the Allegro application, they will collect coins that will be exchangeable for discount coupons. One coin is similar to one PLN (Polish Zloty New, which is the official polish currency since 1994). The buyer can save up to 120PLN per month and buy whatever they are interested in.

What is pay in 0% instalments?

When the buyer doesn’t have the cash to shop, he has the possibility to use the 0% instalments. For this kind of payment, documents are sent electronically and after several minutes the buyer will get a loan decision. He can take the time to read the documents and accept them or not. One of the advantages is that there are no additional fees later with this method of payment. Another advantage is that the purchases on 0% instalments include the popular categories in the current season or again the entire range of services proposed on the website.

What currency does Allegro accept?

Allegro only accepts PLN (Polish Zloty), the official polish currency. PayU (the company that provides payment technology to online merchants) will serve to store and then send the funds in PLN when the buyers will pay. If the buyers need more information, they can ask for help from their local bank to convert their currency.

Shop Nationality Currency accepted Type of service provided by the shop
Polish PLN (official Polish currency)
  • The same-day delivery
  • The instalment 0%
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